Short Quiz About Retinol To Know Whether You need To Start Taking Retinol Supplement To Prevent Puffiness And Achieve Radiant Skin


Retinol Quiz - Do I need Retinol For My Aging Skin

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Are you suffering from Acne??

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Are you happy about your overall appearance?

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Are you using cream or serum to fight aging effects on your skin?

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Are you suffering from blemish-prone skin?

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How would you rate your body shape and size?

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Is your skin oily?

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Are you experiencing dark skin below eyes?

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Is the skin under your legs firm?

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Are you noticing any wrinkles on your body?

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Are you seeing puffiness below your eyes?

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What is your age?

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Short Quiz About Retinol is 11 quiz style questions are designed to understand your skin health, age group and if retinol can bring positive effects on your skin. Take this quiz to know if your skin is ready for retinol and if now is the time to start using retinol treatment to your daily routine.

Add the Kindle free edition of The Best Ways to Incorporate Anti – Aging Food Ingredients into your Diet to know how to start building your skin from the inside out. When you start noticing aging effects on your skin, better to start with two prongs approach. Add healthy eating habits to build your skin from inside out coupled with effective use of retinol to improve tone and exfoliate your skin.


The best way to look beautiful begins by staying healthy. Body lacking necessary nutrition and moisturizer will reflect the unwanted effect on your skin.

As goes the famous saying “you are what you eat”

Achieving healthy, radiant skin is ongoing process. Anytime you miss your routine or take a pause from following healthy habits or ignore your skin’s needs, other supplements become necessary.

Retinol comes with some side effects too. Most commonly observed side effects include flaking, dryness, retinol burn, and increased sensitivity to the sun. In total this vitamin A derivative has proven to be a boon for achieving shiny and radiant skin. If used carefully, retinol has proven to be the best exfoliating agent that acts straight at cellular level for smoother new skin.

A good retinol cream that is infused with a carefully balanced blend of highly effective anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting actives is best way to go. Most retinol based beauty creams are designed to use twice daily (AM/PM) to help improve the appearance of aging skin while revealing your complexion’s radiant, natural beauty.

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