See The Fitness Tips By This Little Girl For Those Working From Home

With the nation wide lockdown still in force, it is not possible for you to go to the gym and stick with the fitness schedule. In the world where social distancing is strictly followed, you should rethink stepping outside for jogging. I am sure this restrictive situation may be giving sleepless night to many of you with the fear of loosing shape and form. After all a ‘body in motion stays in motion’ and in the absence of any motion, your body tend to deform quickly than you imagine. How can you stay active and maintain your body form and shape through routine exercises, this is where out junior trainer comes into picture. See The Fitness Tips By This Little Girl For Those Working From Home.

See The Fitness Tips

In this cute video, our little angle trainer will not only teach you but also demonstrate you what activities one can follow by staying home. Moreover, this video will definitely bring a smile on your face, an opportunity to keep all the Corona virus pandemic news aside and breath in fresh air.

See The Fitness Tips

I am sure we all are afraid of the current situation and praying for this situation to end in a good way. But when there is very little we can do, my advice is to divert your attention to something lightweight entertainment. Check out something totally different and not related to the current problems. When it comes to watching something different, happy feel videos or news come to your rescue. This happy path video fits in the same narrative.

See The Fitness Tips

Just like you, this little girl begins the instructions with the weighing scale. If you too are afraid to check your weight and believe that it must have shot up high in the sky, that is where these instructions (or baby steps) come handy. See some of The Fitness Tips that may match your change in schedule.

Then begins the workout instructions that one can follow by staying at home. You have many options to choose from depending on what instruments you have at home. If you don’t have a treadmill, no problem, start with weights and dumbbells. If that is also not available, use a step stool to do the exercises.

See The Fitness Tips

All and all, learning from this cute little instructor is more fun. We are mindful that each person has different capacity and different workout needs. But given that we all are home or working from home for the past few weeks, I am sure these small workout steps will be helpful. For those who do not follow a rigorous workout schedule, this is a must watch video as I am sure it will inspire you to take baby steps to stretch your muscles a bit. And once you like it, then you can decide whether to join more intensive courses and bring discipline to your life.

Otherwise, just watch for fun and I promise our cute angle will bring a smile on your face.

See The Fitness Tips below.

This video is another example to show the visual depiction is more powerful and the language barrier won’t stop to spread something good, happy and healthy.

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