Secret Behind TikTok Viral Magic Trick Is Revealed And You Will Be Shocked To Learn How Easy Is To Fool People On TikTok

The short video platform TikTok is the most downloaded app these days.

The video platform is attracting more users day by day by hosting videos of dance, DIY, tricks, magics and much more. Here is the Secret behind TikTok viral magic trick.


Secret behind TikTok viral magic trick is revealed and you will be shocked to learn how easy is to fool people on TikTok. Social media platforms are dominating our day to day life. Starting from sending a message to our near and dear, sharing a recipe with friends, learn something new or even catching up on what’s happening in the world all are now available on one single platform. Whether you are fan of Facebook,Twitter, YouTube or TikTok, all platforms show variety of topics covering everything you need in day to day life.

TikTok is a new social media force with many teenagers piling up this video platform with many novel and trendy videos. Whether it’s outdoor sports, signature dance moves, friendship videos or viral magic tricks. These days a trick showing how to put big objects inside soda bottle is going viral and trending on TikTok.

What Is The Viral Trick

Secret Behind TikTok Viral

Many videos have been uploaded where TikToker shows how to magically put a large egg or a fruit inside Pepsi or Coke bottle. Since the trick is shown right infront of your eyes, its hard to understand how it’s possible. How can a big object go through a small tiny opening.

With many users raising curiosity and wanted to learn the secret behind this trending trick, we have found another TikToker who will show you how the tricks are made and posted on TikTok.


Secret Behind TikTok Viral Magic Trick

Secret Behind TikTok Viral

So how can you do it or isn’t it too good to be true. The magic behind this trick is simple. The Coke or Soda bottle plays important role here.

Make a large side cut on the back of the bottle. The opening should be sufficient enough for the large object such as fruit can easily go in.

Now try to push the fruits through the tiny opening of the bottle. Naturally, the law of physics will prevail thus making it impossible to achieve it.

Secret Behind TikTok Viral

Now you need a curtain or cover to hide your secret from the viewers. Your hand can play the role. Cover the opening of the bottle using your hand and play your part.

Viewers have been amazed by this trick and couldn’t figure out how to make it work. It’s not CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) but a common sense trick

Here is the video of Secret behind TikTok viral magic trick.

Now you know how simple it is to think of a trick, make and upload video on TikTok. All you need is a logical thinking to plan your trick in advance. Simple stage where the trick will be performed. A cover to hide your secret sauce from the viewers and voila, your amazing video can be published to WOW your audience.

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