Science Experiment Make Tea Bag Rocket That Quickly Goes Up In Air

Fun of science is when the magic unfolds right in front of your eye.

This offtrack science experiment will make the tea bag rocket using very few things.

science experiment make tea

Science experiments are for fun and spend some quality time with family. Home based science experiments give rare opportunity to generate curiosity in your kids mind. Question such as ‘How’, ‘What’, ‘When’ and many others can be answered through simple science experiments. In this little offtrack science experiment we will make a tea bag rocket that quickly flies up in the air with a little trick.

Rocket science is always considered as most complicated niche of science. But can we simplify the rocket science and make a home based flying rocket using a tea bag. This fun filled science experiment is best suited for kids and adults of all ages.

Let your curiosity arise and we guarantee that in the end you will find all answers to your curious questions.


Things Required For Creating Home Based Rocket

science experiment make tea

First thing first, just like any other science experiment, we need to collect few things. You will need just 2 -3 things for this experiment

  • Tea Bag
  • Scissor
  • Lighter
  • Finally curious mind with open eyes (I know you already got it covered)

For more fun, we suggest using more than one tea bag and see how different tea bag fly at different speed. Since fire flames are involved, we suggest to use open room area without much furniture to avoid any fire hazard.

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Science Experiment Make Tea Bag Rocket

science experiment make tea

Take the tea bag and using scissor cut the top portion. Carefully remove the tea molecules and discard it. If you are a tea lover, it’s a good idea to add the tea directly in your cup. Using a strainer, you can filter the tea particles so that you accidental won’t consume it. (Tea molecules are harmless and do not pose any health issues upon consumption, they just taste sour to your taste buds).

Make a hollow cylinder from the tea bag as shown below.

Make the paper cylinder in upright standing position on the table.

science experiment make tea

Using lighter, set fire at the top edge of the paper roll and let the magic of science begin.

As the paper starts burning, something else and totally expected will happen. A force that will propel the tea bag quickly up in the air giving rocket launch experience.


Science Behind Tea Bag Rocket

Once set on fire, not only the paper roll but the ashes of the teabag too fly into the air. As the flame burns, the heat is generated. The hot fire flames in turn heats the air inside the hollow cylinder of the tea bag. The heat from the fire causes the air molecules inside the tea bag to become energized and move around quickly.

As the burning action continues, more and more heat is generated thus making the air inside hotter. The hot air molecules become less dense and start moving around. This creates a difference of layer between lightweight hot air inside the cylinder surrounded by more dense cooler air around the tea bag. The air molecules inside the tea bag are moving so fast that they spread up and out of the tea bag.

Here another variable comes into play, your tea bag. Being so thin and lightweight, the tea bag too rises with the hot air and instantly propels itself up in the air creating a true rocket effect.

Isn’t science amazing. Now give a try with multiple tea bags and create the magical rocket effects in your home. Watch the science experiment to make a tea bag rocket at home.



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