School Teacher meme A Teacher wore the same outfit for the yearbook photo 40 years in a row

School Teacher meme

A Teacher wore the same outfit for the yearbook photo 40 years in a row. School Teacher meme.

Meet a legendary teacher Dale Irby. By profession he is a teacher who has already set a World record in the minds of every student he has taught in the past 40 years. Dale has set example of simplicity from his own behaviour. This teacher, Dale Irby wore the same outfit for the yearbook photo 40 years in a row.

Hope his passion and dedication will inspire many more generations he will continue teaching in the school.

Dale wanted his students to remember him as they grow up. When they look in their past, without much difficultly shall be able to recognize him as their school teacher. He meticulously planned his outfit, so even year after year, when the parents see the school year book, they quickly recognize him as their kids teacher. For kids whom he has taught in the past, his dress code became an easy way to guide their younger siblings to him without difficultly.

The trend continued and also helped Dale be remembered as a good teacher, a very dedicated and simple person. Year after year Dale continued with this routine. Over the years not only his fellow teachers and students but the entire district took a note of his passion and efforts to stay simple. After 40 years of service a mural showing Dale’s yearbook photos was presented to him.

A nostalgic moment for Dale, the school and all his students. Now as many of his students have grown up and became adult, but when they see their kids school book, it became easy for them to quickly identify Dale as their teacher and proudly tell their kids that both dad and son will be taught by the same teacher. Even comparing Dale’s photo from parents yearbook to the sons was much of fun for these families.

This School Teacher meme is dedicated to all amazing teachers who have set example to their students from own behaviour. We have high regards to such teachers and their priceless contribution to the society. Not all heroes wear capes.

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