Scary Video Shows Artists CGI Work Created 100 ft Tall Giant King Cobra

Scary Video Shows Artists

When you awake to a 100 feet tall giant snake, how scary that idea is. This CGI artist thought of bringing this idea to life. To fulfill his dream, he managed to get like minded hundreds of people involved to make his creation realistic. Scary Video Shows Artists CGI Work Created 100 ft Tall Giant King Cobra.

Scary Video Shows Artists

The work is very amazing. As we know such giant cobra doesn’t exists and this must some of trick. However, to make it more real, this CGI artist has even managed to add tons of sand this snake is oozing and splashing just in one move.

Amazing at the same time scary video to watch.

The video has become an instant hit with over 8.3 million views collected so far. This by far the most trending now video on Twitter. The good part is, this artists hard work has paid off. With over 283K likes and 77K comments, this by far the most popular and viewed video on Twitter using any known matrix.

Check out this giant cobra in action.

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