Satisfying Video Shows Explosive Used To Demolish Structures. Collection Of Construction Marvels Around The World

Satisfying Video Shows

Satisfying Video Shows Explosive Used To Demolish Structures. Collection Of Construction Marvels Around The World. The modern civilization has been built by hard work of civil engineers and architectures from several generations. We ourselves have built today’s splendid world to make our life easy. As we see many constructions happening around us daily, we may be missing the novelty or the marvel the construction industry offers. Marvels of construction are not limited only to building the houses or roads but it lies beyond that. The technology used, the novel thinking implemented by Architectures is what makes the construction industry epic. Today we wanted to give you a new vision to look at the constructions from around the world and the many marvels hidden in it.

Construction Explosives

Satisfying Video Shows

The modern construction industry has many tools and state of art equipment at its disposal. Result, shortened time of overall build cycle. This includes progress made in quickly demolishing the restructures and then building a masterpiece using thick layers of concrete. How the structures are razed using explosives in just few seconds is very satisfying to watch.

Watch how explosives used to demolish these giant pillars. Very Satisfying Video Shows Explosive Used To Demolish Structures


Marvels of modern construction. Quickly breaking down the things using explosion.


In few minutes or even seconds the modern construction industry is achieving what use to take many many months of hard work. Once your canvas is ready, then begins shaping up the imaginations or brain child of architecture. Results, one of a kind strictures erected throughout the world.

This Skyscraper fell like a domino. Tall skyscraper to flat ground in few seconds. I am sure you will be speechless after watching this video.

Marvels of Modern Construction

Here are TOP 12 concrete architectures build and constructed by mankind. Salute to the intelligent thinking of Architectures from around the globe.

If you are wondering, what is the name of this island? This is Palm Island built in Dubai. The name has been derived from the it’s palm tree shape

Highway interchange near Tokyo. One of World’s Top 12 amazing architecture.

Highway in Turkey

New Anshun to Ziyun highway connects SW China and economy zones

The Öresund Bridge is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe and connects two major metropolitan areas: Copenhagen, the Danish capital city, and the Swedish city of Malmö.

The Diavik diamond mine is an open-cut diamond mine in Canada, located in the North Slave region of the Northwest Territories, about 300 km north of the Yellowknife capital. The mine consists of three holes or kimberlite wells associated with the Lago de Gras kimberlite field and is located on an island of 540 km² of Lake Gras, 1777 km², informally called East Island. It is about 220 km south of the Arctic Circle.

Which is your favorite?

How about a work place like this. You never know when you will be washed away

Satisfying Video Shows

Marvel in making. Miami One Thousand Museum, height 215 ft. Coming soon to this world a giant museum, new gateway hotel and luxury commercial place.

Satisfying Video Shows

Raffles City Chongqing Complex is suite of eight buildings in Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China. It features a 300-metre-long horizontal skybridge called “Crystal” that connects the top of four of the skyscrapers. The entire project comprises eight towers with a total of 817,000 square metres of floor space.

Satisfying Video Shows

Corinth Canal

Satisfying Video Shows

World’s Largest Airport, Beijing, China. Well that’s the home for the big Boings like A380s there’s no need to put them out of service now.

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