Safely Erase Sensitive Personal Information Using Identity Protection Roller Stamp | Best Product Money Can Buy At Amazon To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity thefts are rampant as scammers can easily gain access to your personal information.

Use cheap and easily available Identity protection roller stamp to safely erase sensitive personal information and stay protected.

Safely erase sensitive personal

Starting from bank statement or checks, any paper based document can reveal your personal sensitive information. For small businesses, the breach of data is more likely as they these businesses require to send invoices, payment details and bank information with multiple parties. There is a quick and easy way to safely erase sensitive personal information and protect yourself from becoming victim of identity theft all under $10.


How To Protect Your Sensitive Personal Information

Best way to handle your monthly bills and bank statements is to receive them electronically. Go green is mantra of modern century. Opt for email based bills and statements. That way you can not only avoid paper clutter but also contribute in keeping planet earth safe.

Wherever possible, try to communicate using secure email serves such as Gmail or Microsoft outlook. You can now get personalized email address from Google for just $5 a month.

Another way of transacting with other banks is through payment apps such as Cashapp, Venmo or Paypal. Business processing apps like Square and Quickbook offers patented payment transfer services already embedded in them.

Your phone comes with loaded benefits such as retina scanner or finger print scanner to safeguard bank account login and account info. Make use of these features to avoid authorized access to you account. Wherever possible use two step identification process.

How Does 2 Step Verification Process Work

Safely erase sensitive personal

As it is increasingly easy for someone to steal your sensitive personal information, leading IT giants have become aware of this loophole. To cover this gap and avoid any security lapses, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft offer 2 step verification process.

Ever wondered how does the 2 step verification work or what are the benefits of enabling two step verification.

According to Google, 2-step verification is best defense against the situation where you have lost access to your account and everything in it.

Any of these common actions could put you at risk of having your password stolen:

  • Using the same password on more than one site
  • Downloading software from the Internet
  • Clicking on links in email messages

2-Step Verification can help keep bad guys out, even if they have your password.

2-Step Verification process has 2 simple and easy to follow steps

Signing in to your account will work a little differently

Step 1 : You’ll enter your password

Step 2 : You’ll be asked for something else

  • Then, a code will be sent to your phone via text, voice call, or our mobile app. Or, if you have a Security Key, you can insert it into your computer’s USB port.


Identity Protection Roller Stamp To Safely Erase Sensitive Personal Info

There are many occasions where you just can’t avoid paper trail. Whether it’s writing a check or receiving money through check. Even submitting residency verification documents to your kids school, the paper documents can seriously jeopardize your ability to safeguard your identity.

But there is a solution to safety hide or erase your sensitive personal information for a cost as little as $10 – $15.

Identity protection roller stamp. The stamp itself is 1.5 inches wide which is perfect for covering large swaths of private information in a quick and clean way. Hold any document where you want your personal information to be hidden and let the stamp roller do the rest. Under one second, the stamp will make all information from the paper underneath completely invisible and overwritten by cryptic characters.

You can now toss the used check or credit card bill in regular trash can without worrying if someone can gain illegal access to it. Any identity thief tries to retrieve these documents to decode your personal identification won’t be able to do it as there is as such no technology currently available to read through this stamp’s ink. Chances of developing any such technology in future too are very remote.


Areas Where Your Identity Can Be Compromised And How Stamp Protects It

Your information can be revealed in any of the below areas. The identity thieves are looking for a single shred of paper that can reveal your identity. This information is harnessed in lots to be sold to a pot-entail bidder in gray market. The bidder inturn will try to monetize your information by making unauthorized purchases using your credit card, file fraudulent tax refunds or even apply for predatory cash loans.

USPS Or FedEx Mails

Safely erase sensitive personal

The tens of mails you receive daily has the much needed information. Your full name, address and phone number is sufficient for a sophisticated identity thief to build its database. Many Americans fall victim to identity scams as a result of addresses from USPS or FexEx mails.


Identity Protection Stamp Seal At Amazon Identity Protection Stamp Seal At eBay


Shipping Labels : Hide Your Address From The Labels

Safely erase sensitive personal

When you order from Amazon Prime, Walmart or Target or any leading retailer, the shipping label carry exact same information as on the mails. Protect your information by rolling this stamp over the address label so nobody can retrieve it or mine for illegal purpose.


Medical Prescriptions

Safely erase sensitive personal

Another primary source to compromise your identity is through used prescription bottle. The prescription not only carry your name, phone number but also has medical record number. Sophisticated identity scammer will use this information for selling purpose as many marketing firms are ready to offer hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain access to it.

These marketing firms inturn will sell this information to medical insurance companies for own benefits. In the corporate war for information, don’t make yourself as the weak link. Rather take control of your information and make sure to wipe it wherever needed by safely erasing it using identity protection roller stamp.

This by far is the best product your money can buy at Amazon to protect yourself from identity theft.

Identity Protection Stamp Seal At Amazon Identity Protection Stamp Seal At eBay


This product under $10 is your answer to  the question – How to safely erase personal sensitive information? or DIY method to safely erase personal sensitive information from prescriptions

See how to Safely erase sensitive personal information using identity protection roller stamp.


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