Ruin Father’s Day By Gifting Your Dad These 25 Weird Gifts | Add Fun To This Years Father’s Day Using This Crazy Funny Gifts

Let’s bring some weird fun and crazy excitement to this years father’s day by using these never seen before gift ideas.

25 ideas to ruin father’s day by gifting your day these weird and funny gifts. We promise seeing these gifts your dad won’t be angry but will like your sense of humor.


Ruin father’s day by gifting your dad these 25 weird gifts | add fun to this years father’s day using this crazy funny gifts. As father’s day is approaching, I am sure you are already working on gifting ideas. What colored tie will suit him or shall I buy shoes for my dad may be some of the questions you are thinking in your mind.

Why not to make this father’s day extra special and memorable for you and your family. Let’s ditch traditional gifting ideas limited to wallet or tie or shoes. Think out of box and find something really crazy weird gift never thought or seen before.

I am sure it will ruin your dad’s father’s day but I am also sure that he will appreciate your cunning brain and funny gifting ideas.

We have collected extremely funny and weird gifts for this father’s day. Our 25 funny and humorous gifting idea may add some cheerful laughter this father’s day.

World’s Best F-rter


What can be a better gift than coffee mug so he can sip his favorite coffee daily. Everytime he sips his coffee from the cup, he will remember last father’s day and more than anything YOU!. Let you love towards him speak louder than ever.

Gift your dad with this thoughtfully well written message and record his reactions after opening the gift. It may serve the purpose of controlling his gases.

A Book on gun safety

Ruin Father's Day


How about gifting him a book on gun safety, I am sure your thoughtful gift will inspire him to understand how important it is to talk about gun safety to every member of your household, that includes your pet cat too. Take this book How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety, wrap in a nice gift pack and your father’s day search for gift ideas is complete. Mission accomplished.


A water cup so awesome, he will instantly love it

Ruin Father's Day

Give something memorable to your dad this father’s day. How about BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet. Each rocks glass is hand-sculpted to create a unique drinking masterpiece. The bullet is very authenticate and real. It is solid copper, (completely lead-free).

A way to make your dad laugh by showing your crazy and crud gifting ideas. Show the wacko side of your brain and make this day memorable in a odd way. Take some pictures or capture videos of your dad’s reaction after opening weird and crazy gifts and post on Twitter, YouTube or TikTok. Who knows his expression and novel father’s day gifting idea may land your video in the sweet spot of most viral and trending on social media platform.

Let’s explore more ways to ruin father’s day.


Never run out of toilet papers with this weird gift

Ruin Father's Day

With the Coronavirus pandemic, the stores are already running out of toilet papers. (still don’t know what is the relationship between pandemic and toilet paper or why people hoard it over any other life saving things).

Gift your dad with this novel bidet and say goodbye to the costly toilet papers. Beauty about this gift is, this is an empty box. Yes you read it correct, nothing inside. It’s a perfect gift box. Now pack any gift of your choice and prank your dad. At first appear to contain bizarre products from ridiculous companies. Simply, “Put Your Real Present Inside the Joke Box” and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends & loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the “Roto Wipe”. Then watch them explode with laughter when they discover their actual stuff inside and realize they’ve been pranked


Next is Toilet Paper Prank

Ruin Father's Day

Now that you have got the funny bidet box to prank your dad. Let’s the fun continue. Pack your empty box with Donald Trump toilet paper. Mind you this is a highly collectible toilet paper and if your dad loves political satire, he will like your gifting idea. Get this Donald Trump kiss prank toilet paper. Every time he thinks of using it, there will be a kissing face coming close to his cheeks.

These are real toilet papers with kissing photo printed on each sheet.

Ruin father’s day still in play.

A T-shirt with father’s day message

Ruin Father's Day


Let your creativity and creative message flash on his chest. A printed T (T-shirt) is a way to go. Get a wackiest and weird idea, send it to Shutterfly and and soon you “Girl Dad” gift will be ready and delivered to you right before father’s day.


Funny Fishing Fathers Day Tee

Here is another tee (t-shirt) gift idea. Super soft and durable tee for your dad which will remind him how lazy and lame excuses he make to break away from his work.


Can’t work today, my arm is in cast


Absolutely useless gift for your father


In case you all are wondering what this gift is. Let me tell you this not only weird but one of the most useless gift I have ever seen. Absolutely no value from your money.

So, out of all the weird Father’s Day gift suggestions, this is what my husband got and I have on the way to MY dad…a freaking pop corn popper!! It’s AMAZING


More Coffee Cup Gift ideas

Ruin Father's Day


Dad you are weird but I love you. A message straight from your heart to your father. What do you think about this coffee cup.

Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Game

Ruin Father's Day

Is your father an avid golf player, if yes give him a potty time golf set. The golf set is installed around your toilet. Everytime he thinks of going to the toilet, this novel crazy gift will offer extra practice time. I am sure after receiving this gift from you, every trip to the bathroom will be more fun and joy for him.

Cave Tools Meat Claws

Ruin Father's Day

Is your dad a wolverine. Do you think your daddy bear sometimes takes out his claws too. How about gifting him the real claws to show off his wolverine side. Are you fan of movie Croods. Now let the caveman residing deep inside your father’s mind come out with these cave tools.

You’re My Favorite Asshole Keychain

Ruin Father's Day

Make sure your message of love is heard loud and clear. This keychain will do exactly the same. Your message for your dad straight to his neck. Everytime he wears it, will remind him how much you love him.

Let’s ruin father’s day in more different ways.

Crazy Santa Hat For Your Dad

Ruin Father's Day

Get the little kid hiding deep inside your dad’s mind out. The Santa Pants hat will definitely make your day play like a small child he truly is. This crazy looking funny hat hopefully bring the child hiding in your father. Totally upside down fun.


Magical Hand To Make Your Dad A Superdad

Your DIY dad will love this wrist belt. A feeling of controlling the word at his hands and at the same time convenience of holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits Cool Tools near him.


Prank Box Plant Urinal

Ruin Father's Day


Don’t get any weird idea and control your worst imagination. This is not what you think, it’s a just an empty prank box. We had similar prank box shows up. Use this prank box to fill your completely wacko and hilariously funny gift inside and watch the fun.


Let President Of USA Predict Your Dad’s Destiny 

Ruin Father's Day

Will your future be great again? Why not to ask this US President crystal ball. His uncannily accurate knowledge of the future will make your jaw drop, as he talks back to you to answer your YES or NO question. Fans of the original magic 8 ball and ouija board game will love it! Get ready for some hilarious laugh out loud fun when Trump’s REAL VOICE reveals your destiny.


Marvel’s Captain America Shield For Your Dad

Is your dad a superhero. I bet he is. Give him a boost of Marvel’s Captain America shield. Let him use his newly found superpower to bake some crispy waffles for your family. For serving and working in kitchen, we have another funny looking, completely crazy gift idea below

Star Wars Darth Vader Dad In Your Kitchen 

Ruin Father's Day


Now the Darth Vedar right in your kitchen helping your mom. The dark side of your father revealed in the kitchen cooking the delicious turkey for Thanksgiving or cooking regular meal on any other occasion. The Darth Vedar apron will attract him to put on the apron and linger in the kitchen.


Survival Kit Totally Weird And Wacko

Ruin Father's Day


No father’s day gifting idea can be complete without a survival kit. Is your dad a “Prepper” born with the idea of Survivalism. This kit will boost his odds of survival in any pademic.

Punch In The Nuts

I like the tag line. So normal and related to the nuts inside this pouch. I am sure your dad will love it too.

Let Your Dad Chill With Whiskey

The highly sophisticated briefcase style gift set doesn’t need extra packing. It comes with crystals to keep your father’s whisky chilled for many hours.


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