Roof Shattered By Asteroid In The Middle Of Night Made The Poor Home Owner Overnight Millionaire

Strange story where one poor man experienced despair due to shattered roof only to know that he became millionaire next day morning.

Roof shattered by an Asteroid brought a very precious trove of treasure into the life of an Indonesian coffin maker.


Roof Shattered By Asteroid


They say sometimes your luck falls from the roof. This idiom in literal terms has proven to be true for a poor man who was devastated when his roof was shattered in the middle of the night. Reason, roof shattered by an asteroid that came from nowhere. But was this the moment his fortune was about to turn, was it a God sent gift or the souls he has helped to rest in peace decided to pull him out of poverty.

If you think the ghosts do not exists or there is no such thing as good souls, explain this. The asteroids never fall in the residential area. As per scientist the meteoroids mostly end up in ocean than falling on the ground. This is the reason why scientist call this roof shattering asteroid a rarest of rare event.

Roof Shattered By Asteroid

When rarest of rare event occurs, naturally this 4.5 billion old piece of rock became the most valuable commodity. As soon as this news broke, notable scientists and collectors have boarded charter plane to Indonesia.

The coffin maker Josua Hutagalung saw his despair immediately turned into happiness when a British collector has offered him £1.5 millions for the piece of stone that broke his roof.

Roof Shattered By An Asteroid

Roof Shattered By Asteroid

In the middle of the night the poor coffin maker, Josua, heard a loud bang. Something has hit his roof. Josua immediately scrambled his entire family and rush to a corner for safety. Once the sound stopped, he noticed moon light coming inside his house.

He immediately realized that the unknown object has shattered his roof. Already cash strapped Josua soon came to realize the imminent expense he is facing in fixing the broken roof. The cause for his despair turned out to be a stone fallen from nowhere.

Next day morning as the news of stone falling from sky spread in his neighborhood, scientist and space observer knew it’s not a normal stone but a very rare asteroid. This is when Josua came to know that the random stone is nothing but God sent gift. A precious gift that will soon be turning his sorrows into joy and happiness.

From Tin Covered House To Overnight Millionaire

Roof Shattered By Asteroid

The normal looking rock can be mistaken for ordinary stone and could have ended in the dumpster. But Josua saved the rock as a sign of bad luck so that no one else should suffer from it’s wrath.

But he was bound for a surprise. Next day morning, his phone started ringing relentlessly as every collectors and space scientist wanted to get a first hand look at this God sent gift, a rare 4.5 billion year old asteroid. Soon started the offers pouring in. No one has imagined that this 5lb rock can fetch over 2 million dollars. A night before Josua and his family were in pain due to the cost of repairing their damaged roof. Whereas, next day all members of his family felt happy seeing that they luck has changed the tide overnight. It was a rare feeling to become overnight millionaire. A feeling that all their struggles have finally come to an end.

Roof Shattered By Asteroid




Isn’t the souls Josua has put to rest finally decided to return the favor. For the naysayers and skeptics, explain why this asteroid struck his home from nowhere. It could have fallen into the ocean (Indonesia is an island surrounded by ocean) or open ground near his house. The spirits finally came to rescue Josua from the prolonged poverty to a shiny life where he doesn’t have to worry for work or money any longer.

Few Countries Have Strict Rules And Don’t Allow It’s Citizen To Keep Newly Found Wealth

Few Asian countries have stringent rules as to what it’s citizen can keep. For instance in India if you discover gold coins by digging into your own land, the government confiscate the treasure.

Similarly, China too has strict policies when one discovered buried gems from the ground. Fortunately, Indonesia doesn’t have any law in place deciding who keeps the proceeds from fallen asteroid. This allowed Josua to receive every penny from the buyer of this asteroid.

By the time you are reading this story, Josua has received payment from the British collector and already moved into a new home with his family of four. A real God sent gift from the heavens or souls whom Josua has helped to rest in peace.

Interested in knowing updates from Josua, see his Facebook profile that has made him famous and overnight millionaire. A true viral news telling the story of a poor coffin maker who received his richness from a fallen stone from sky.

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