Romantic Car Accident Left Owner Puzzled Whether Repair The Car Or Not. Take A Look At His Damages And You Decide

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Car accidents are often stressful and financially devastating. Afterall it’s your important asset that can be totaled after severe accident. Then there are insurance claim and hassles of getting points on driving record which can jack up car insurance premium out of roof. But this car owner is confused after meeting a romantic car accident that has left his totally puzzled.

Leading insurance companies offer one time accident forgiveness. Most prominently Liberty Mutual Car Insurance offers its customer guarantee that their premiums won’t go high after first car accident.

This is the statement from Libertymutual’s site describing how the accident forgiveness work

Accident Forgiveness is an additional coverage that you may qualify for that can be added to your auto insurance policy, where your price won’t go up due to your first accident


Romantic Car Accident Left Owner Puzzled

But often the case is different. Based on my own experience, car accidents including minor fender bender can seriously dent your wallet. But what’s the case with this puzzled car owner.

Romantic Car Accident Left

After meeting an accident when the owner inspected his damage, just like many others, he too was shocked and shaking seeing the damaged car. But after going home his confusion grew bit more. Reason, this owner has met a romantic car accident. By romantic we didn’t mean that he accidentally hit his ex-lover’s car or instantly fall in love with the owner of the other car. The damage on his car were unique. Rather what can be surmised as once in century event, there were two kissing faces deeply in love were formed on the back side of his car as result of accident.

Take a look at the damages his car suffer and you decide what’s the best choice this owner has. Repair the car damage or live with the symbol of love for the rest of the life.

Isn’t there always a beauty in every bad incident. The key is whether we can find it and appreciate it. Take a look at another car owner. The car when rendered completely useless, this cash strapped owner took the matter in his hand and gave the old car complete makeover “wheels on the hood”

reverse engineering example in

Once you find the bright and beautiful side of every bad incident in your life, trust me, the life won’t remain stressful. Rather, it will offer new lease of energy to get up and fight a new battle.

Life is not easy. Some accidents are brought upon you by whom loved you so much. But when you hurt their feelings, this is what you may end up with.

Romantic Car Accident Left

Boyfriend left with damaged car after dumping his long time girlfriend

Romantic Car Accident Left

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