Roman God Hercules Reincarnated He Can Bend The Hammer Using Bare Hands | Old Man Shows How To Bend Metal Hammer Using Bare Hands

Looking at his strength you will wonder if Roman god Hercules has reincarnated.

Using bare hands this old man demonstrates how to bend a strong pure metal hammer in just few seconds.


Roman God Hercules Reincarnated

Roman god Hercules was raved for his physique, strong muscles and unparalleled strength. Hercules was believed to do things that ordinary people couldn’t achieve. Even in today’s world when we see someone towing a truck using teeth or pulling a plane using bare hands, the feeling is as if Roman God Hercules is reincarnated.

Another video demonstrating unparalleled muscle strength will surely leave you in awe, this time the guy is little old. However his old age did not rust his body joints or reduce the strength of his muscles.

Roman God Hercules Reincarnated

Roman God Hercules Reincarnated

Hold the hammer in your hand. Now press it against your thigh and give it a push but hard enough to bend this pure metal hammer.

Once the hammer is bent, using bare hands now make a U-shaped hook out of it. All these unimaginable tasks are performed by our real life Hercules. Starting from beginning through end, in just few seconds you will see a metal hammer been bent like a plastic spoon infront of your eyes.

Roman God Hercules Reincarnated

There is no gimmick or trick but pure muscle strength and decade long practice of surviving in rural country side life.

Isn’t it amazing to see someone with so much strength and perform stunts that ordinary people like you and I can’t even think of. For those naysayers, get a similar hammer from Amazon or Home Depot and give it a try. I am sure you will know it’s not easy or for some it may be an impossible task to bend the hammer using bare hands.

Watch how our strongman bends the hammer using his hands and you will feel as if the Roman God Hercules is reincarnated.


Ladies, if you looking for a strong macho, here is your guy. Just look for him on Tinder or Match to initiate first contact with this real life Hercules.

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