Rich People With Cheap Taste Video Shows A Rich Man Using Profanity Over Expired Coupon At Dunkin Donuts

Rich People With Cheap

Rich People With Cheap Taste Video Shows A Rich Man Using Profanity Over Expired Coupon At Dunkin Donuts. If you are one among nations top earner doesn’t automatically make you classy. Your behaviour reflects your cultural values and rich heritage. As goes the famous saying, anyone can earn money but not prestige and dignity.

Here is a case proving cheap taste of a rich person who ended up shaming himself on social media platform Facebook. On his way to the work as usual he entered a Dunkin Donuts shop. Just like Starbucks, many people are becoming fan of this coffee chain. Dunkin that primarily serves coffee and donuts is now also foraying into other products like Sandwiches, smoothie and burgers.

After placing the order, this rich customer offered an expired coupon. The girl at the check out counter brought to his attention that the coupon is expired and hence won’t work. That is when a big quarrel broke. Seeing that his expired coupon is not accepted, the man started hurling profanity out of rage.

We don’t know if the proud feeling due to his economically rich standard or salve mentality to belittle everyone else has instigated him. Seeing someone like a cashier at fast food chain who dared to refused his coupon, his rage spiraled out of control.

Rich People With Cheap

The funny part is he also started recording the whole incident on his camera. But not always the things go as you wish, sometimes events like this can backfire too.

It is shocking to see that someone like him making 350K per year can loose balance over an expired coupon. Here’s a little tip, just before you use the coupon, check the date. If you want special treatment, be nice. And if you don’t receive the special treatment you expect, don’t get mad, be nice.

News flash, A guy who make $350.000 dollar lashing out to a Dunkin employee because he can’t afford a donut. Not sure he simply made up the story or he was really a rich person. Isn’t shocking to see a person who makes 350k a year and he’s bitching at a low wage young person because she can’t accept his expired coupon.

We started digging into his Facebook profile and collected some leads. We found out that the person who recorded this video owns a roofing company. This guy basically scams customers and insurance companies. Because building materials are so cheap and weather events like hail, high winds, and tornadoes are so common, this dude can redo hundreds of not thousands of roofs a year. The price to redo a roof is like $10,000 but depends on the size of the home. These companies are notoriously aggressive in trying to get business. They leave pamphlets and flyers in your door that mention recent weather events and tell you that they can replace your roof for free and that the insurance company pays for the whole thing. Of course it isn’t true, they fuck the job up but in order for them to fix it, you have to pay them directly since the insurance company won’t give them any more. 350k a year? He didn’t earn it, he stole it.

Rich People With Cheap

Typical of a rich person that doesn’t care about anyone but himself. People these days are the main reason why we need a stronger and strict workplace rules. Surprised to see how Rich People With Cheap taste behave in public place.

Here is the math we did for him. And if the person in this video is reading our story, see how much you actually lost over an expired coupon. If you actually make $350,000, you don’t need a coupon to buy doughnuts, and you are probably loosing money just waiting for the clerk to process it.

Lets assume he is telling the truth and he does make $350,000/year. Assuming he works a lot – 50 hours per week on average, 50 weeks per year – that is 2,500 hours over the course of a year. $350,000 / 2,500 hours = $140 per hour = $2.33 per minute

The argument has clearly been going on for a while before the video started. If we assume the total argument took just 5 minutes, then this cost him $11.66.

He spent over $10 trying to use a coupon for a doughnut. How much could that coupon have possibly saved him?

Rich People With Cheap Taste Video


I feel sorry for the Dunkin employee. Doesn’t deserve to be disrespected like this. The cashier behaved respectfully the entire time. She even threatened to call the cops seeing how this event quickly escalated but suppressed the urge. Had the cops arrived at the scene, they would have thrown him out of the store or worst case arrested him.

Next time if you happen to loose your control over small things, remember it is we who actually shape the society around us. If we continue treating others badly, someday it will fire back to us.

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