Reverse Engineering Example In Automobile A Mechanic Has Built His Car Upside Down That Drives With Wheels Up In Air

reverse engineering example in

When your car becomes old and almost a junk, you are forced with two choices. Throw the car to the junkyard and donate it to a charity. Some mavericks find third option, build something amazing from the junk and create new value. Guess, what we have found one such maverick in Bahamas who has excelled in creating new value to otherwise junk car. What can be called as a reverse engineering example in automobile, this mechanic has built his car upside down that drives with wheels up in the air.


Reverse Engineering Example In Automobile By Brother garage

He is not armature or ordinary person, but the owner of Brother garage, a body shop that primarily deals with car fixing and body works. One of his customers old car was lying in the garage. Given the condition of his car, the customer wasn’t willing to make repair or spend anymore money. He authorized the owner of Brother Garage to dispose it off or donate to the charity.

In the modern world where mouth publicity works better in small businesses, what can be better than creating a living model that can advertise your business. A novel idea of reverse engineering was born. Both brothers worked hard to flip the car and make it drivable upside down.

reverse engineering example in

It wasn’t easy task and needed lot of money to buy the spares and body work. But the idea to advertise their business in a novel way was so intriguing that both brothers decided to take a chance. After month long efforts and investment of few thousand dollars, both brothers gave birth to an automotive ace machine, a car that will run upside down. The car body was modified to receive additional 4 sets of wheels to give the illusion and confuse other drivers.

Novel Way To Advertise Automotive Skills

reverse engineering example in

After spending efforts and money, do you think the brother’s novel marketing strategy worked. Well, here is the example, people driving in Bahamas were surprised by this automotive marvel. As soon as the Brother Garage’s modified car was spotted, camera’s were drawn out to record this unique piece of automobile.

reverse engineering example in

The reverse engineered car gave both brothers a boasting point to show off with their skills. No wonder after few miles of drive on this car, their business skyrocketed significantly.

What a marketing guru or famous agency couldn’t achieve, these brothers have achieved with just one month’s efforts. Next time when you are in Bahamas and need any automobile repair to be done for you car, think of Brothers Garage. You won’t be disappointed. Or throw your wacky ideas and see if the brothers can help bring them in reality. Until then, watch the upside down running car – a great reverse engineering example in automobile.


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