Relax Your Senses With Pleasantly Satisfying Video Of Celebrate Pink In Style And Thank You Veterans | Millions Of Free Falling Pink Balls Is Utmost Celebrating Of Pink Lovers Around The World

New category of oddly satisfying videos is trending on YouTube with hundreds of videos devoted to this phenomenon.

The pictures and videos that can help relax your senses by watching pleasantly satisfying videos take this trend one step ahead. These are once in lifetime unique experiences caught on camera. Never forgettable moments.

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Looking at the increasingly popular trend of oddly satisfying videos on YouTube, a research was conducted to study if these videos can really help in relaxation technique or in some cases to achieve better sleep as they claim. While the results of the study were inconclusive, one thing worth noting is that these videos don’t cause any harm. Let’s take this journey one notch ahead and relax your senses with the videos of celebrate pink in style and Veterans Day Celebration in style.

Millions Of Free Falling Pink Balls

A plush mall in Singapore decided to celebrate PINK in style. The occasion was mix of gender revealing party and show your pink in style. Millions of pink balls were brought in for this ones in lifetime ‘celebrate your Pink’ experience.

The pink balls were packed at the top floor of the mall and were about to be released. Hundreds of mall visitors were gathered with their camera lenses already drawn to capture this epic moment. As soon as the string was open, millions of pink balls slowly started descending to the ground.

For those standing on the top floor, it was an eye candy to see loosely falling millions of pink dots right in front of their eyes.

Whereas those waiting on the ground, it gave a mesmerizing moment to bath in pink. As the pink dots finally hit the ground, it formed a blanket covering people and full floor of the mall.

relax your senses by

Millions of free falling pink is utmost celebrating of pink lovers around the world.

I watched this video multiple times. Every time I watched this glorious way to flaunt your wealth or celebrate PINK in style, my daily problems look futile. The issues appear trivial and this glorious part of life in some part of the world helps me forget my pain for a moment. The distraction that I wanted for my brain so I can keep my worries to the side and enjoy peaceful sleep.

Try it yourself and see if you too can enjoy the same fun and satisfaction by watching this video. What a grand way to celebrate gender of upcoming child. A grandstand gender revealing party that will defy any other similar parties anywhere in the world. Can you beat this epic celebration.


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Relax Your Senses With Pleasantly Satisfying Video. Thank You Veterans

relax your senses by

In another relaxation technique, here is the novel way to say ‘Thank You Veterans’, a unique way to celebrate the veterans day. Three beautiful blonds decided to take their crafting skills to the whole new level.

The decorated words of Thank you and Veterans were formed using colorful grains. Once the plate was decorated with Thank you Veterans name, one girl decided to toss up her decoration in the air.

But what majestic view it has created when these words stand up in the air. As soon as the contents from the tray were tossed in the air, the slow motions videos shows words “THANK YOU” and “VETERANS” standing up in the air, for a split of second.

relax your senses by

The words stand in front of your eyes and under the force of earth’s gravity freely fall down. All these efforts to create a crafty Veterans day celebration.

This unique style of decoration and art will surely detach you from the world, albeit for few seconds. But that’s more than enough to distract your brain to free up the thoughts constantly bothering you. This is based on the remedies suggested by psychologist and psychiatrist to train your brain to reduce anxiety and depression. Once the depression blue is subdued, your mind can enjoy the fresh air and ready to face the world confidently.

Watch the relaxing and pleasantly satisfying video of Thank you Veterans.


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