Real Time-lapse Shows Snowfall Buried Houses And Cars. You will get Goose bumps seeing it

Real Time-lapse Shows Snowfall Buried Houses And Cars

Harsh winter is a reality on the East coast and Midwest. With many flights cancelled both travel and business have seriously been impacted. In your day to day life too certain activities like going to school or shopping were difficult due to tons of snow piled on the street.

Share your story to tell us how was your life impacted this Winter. For those who haven’t been burned by harsh winter, you are lucky. Just to give you a flavor of how harsh the winter was in some parts of US, see the below real time-lapsed videos. I am sure you will get goose bumps.

A Nest doorbell has captured this video where overnight snowfall resulted in completely burying the house and its surrounding under snow. I wonder myself, how will the owners in this area can clean up this much snow. Or rather the questions should be how can one come out of home when the entire house is buried under pile of snow

Another real time camera has captured snowfall covering the car. As it begins the car is visible clearly. By the midnight, the car is half buried. But what scares me is that by morning time the car can be seen nowhere. People living in area where snow falls regularly are equipped with equipment to plow snow from your drive way or use blower to take off snow and icicles from the roof. However, I don’t know if there is any support available to get rid of the snowfall of this magnitude.

Real Time-lapse Shows Snowfall Buried Houses And Cars

If you are not impacted by the snow fall, prey to the god that you are lucky. Also remember to keep folks from Eastern Newfoundland in your thoughts and prayers as they need every positive vibe to bring the life back to normal.

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