Real Life Princess Sofia Of Sweden Joined The First Responder In Fight With COVID19 Setting Up Example Of True Leadership When Leaders Around The World Are Failing To Stand Up Leave Alone The Fantasy Princesses

Real Life Princess Sofia

Real life Princess Sofia Of Sweden joined the First Responder in fight with COVID19 thus setting up example of true leadership when leaders around the world are failing to stand up leave alone the fantasy princesses. She is not a Disney princess or movie akin personality who shows up in public only to flaunt her tiara and magical smile. Rather Princess Sofia, Duchess of Varmland, has shelved her crown and the luxury life to join the the nursing team at Sophiahemmet Hospital, Stockholm Hospital in our battle against Coronavirus.

Real Life Princess Sofia

It was not a publicity stunt or decision taken out of a fit, rather Princess Sofia now earned the title of Honorary Chair of her, after receiving an intensive health and patient care course from Stockholm University help the medical staff cope with a pandemic.

How has Princess Sofia prepared to join the front-line

As per the news published by Royal Palace, Sweden’s Princess Sofia has announced she is reducing her Royal duties so that she can volunteer at a local hospital.

She has already completed intensive training to prepare for it.

In her new role, she will be disinfecting, cleaning, and working in the kitchen.

I don’t see any world leader or their family members have made this fight against COVID-19 of their own and decided to join the battle front. This is where this real life princess stands out. After completing an intensive training program online, Sofia started working at Sophiahemmet Hospital, of which she is Honorary Chair.

Princess Sofia of Sweden Scrubs in at Hospital to Clean and Cook During Coronavirus Outbreak. She has given up “Royal duties” to volunteer at a local hospital – she’ll be cleaning & working in the kitchen. The Royal Court said “the Princess wants to make a contribution as a voluntary worker to relieve the large workload of health care professionals.”

After resuming the duties at hospital, this princess did not receive some royally outlandish job but a simple job of disinfecting the equipment, cleaning the hospital and other small jobs for which she has received the training. Her presence in the hospital was a welcoming gesture for  both the staff and patients alike.

Real Life Princess Sofia

Here is a picture we have obtained of Princess Sofia & fellow students at Sophiahemmet hospital today. They will relieve ordinary staff at the hospital which have cancelled all planned operations to relieve other hospitals during the C-19 pandemic.

I couldn’t agree more, I applaud her for this. And others risking their lives to help and serve. So cool — she looks great – am sure this will be a moral boost for the staff as well. What a lovely thing to do. So kind of her to put herself out there to help others. This is what true leadership looks like!

Real Life Princess Sofia

Sweden offers a 3-day course for either those who have lost their jobs because of the crisis or those who want to contribute to fighting C-19. Princess Sofia belongs to the latter of the two.

On the other side of the world in LA, both Megan and Prince Harry were spotted quietly donating food to the homeless people. They were also seen volunteering for social cause, donating money to buy PPE – Personal protective equipment. While we are waiting on other royal family members to join this trend and help the society when it need them the most, so far Meghan and Harry were the Royals just like princess Sofia who didn’t care about titles and thrones and joined the world’s battle against coronavirus pandemic.

Who is Princess Sofia

Real Life Princess Sofia

First of all she is not a Disney fantasy princess Sofia the first. But a real life royal Princess Sofia Kristina, wife of Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland. Sofia Kristina was born in 1984 and married to Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland in 2015. She has earned her royal title through marriage.

Real Life Princess Sofia

When the whole world is battling with Coronavirus outbreak Princess Sofia of Sweden, had decided to hang up her crown & return to Sophiahemmet hospital to continue her career as a doctor. Instead of disappearing to wait out the pandemic in a fancy penthouse somewhere. Now that’s what it means to be a princess.

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