Rat scares the cat away as these cats have never seen a rat in life. Just like Tom and Jerry Cartoons

Rat scares the cat away

When your pet cats have never seen a mouse in life, they don’t know how to react after seeing one. This funny situation has been experienced by not by one cat but a pair and poor kitties didn’t know that they are the worst enemies of mouse but ended up in rather watching him take their food away. Rat scares the cat away as these cats have never seen a rat in life. Just like Tom and Jerry Cartoons.

The kittens were busy eating their super, suddenly from no where the mouse appeared.

The mouse must have been very hungry as he dared to snatch food from his worst enemy, a cat.

Rat scares the cat away

Surprisingly, the hungry cats did not attack mouse and thought of eating him in place of their pet food. This is perfect example when your pets haven’t seen the wild life and don’t know the rules from animal’s book.

One cat tries to shoe the rat away, however this rat screeches and curses at her. Finally one cat gives up and scared by rat finally leaves her share to the rat.

Watch the expressions on kittens face, totally frustrated and helpless. The mouse take advantage of the situation and advanced to finish their full bowl of food. In the end the kitty is left hungry letting the mouse steal her supper. It is no wonder a copies of this video have gone viral on social media platform with millions of views and many comments pouring in.

Rat scares the cat away

Funny animal videos. Welcome to animal kingdom offering full of laughter.

Watch the poor kitties and daredevil rat in action here

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