Quiz How Your Next Boyfriend Will Look

Quiz How Your Next Boyfriend Will LookHave you had a break-up, lost the love of life. Are you feeling lonely and scared that you will not find your true love ever again. Break-ups are messy and they even leave you feeling dejected and dismay. You may even start thinking if you can ever experience the same love again. Feeling lonely should not be the sole reason to hunt for a new boyfriend or start posting everywhere on dating site. Remember, this is a very tricky situation and the desperate situation like this makes you prone to commit mistakes that can be long lasting.

Is having a boyfriend better than being single? Well, a lot and we mean a lot of girls think so. In fact, many women do not feel like they can be fully happy without a boyfriend. Being needy or desperately looking for a boyfriend is the worst phase in life. But let’s face it, who doesn’t like the feeling of having someone to share our joy and sorrow, having strong arms to lay and cuddle in? Or having someone there for you when you’re having a bad day? This gives a sense of completeness in life. But as you grow mature, you will find that this sense of completeness is false.

When you think you’re in love or really really like someone, it might be a little harder to see a situation for what it really is. You really want this person in your life, so you tend to overlook his bad habits, sometimes disgusting behavior, like leave you hanging to chill with his  friends, even though you two already had plans. Many a times you are worried you’re being overly paranoid when he doesn’t text you back right away, and you can’t decide if you actually have one of the good ones. This is totally natural. This syndrome is called ‘Blind Love’.

Let’s look at the other side of it, having a boyfriend has its perks. It’s like having a snuggle buddy whenever you get home from a long hard day of work and that’s a real treat. Then again he can be your source to vent our your frustration or unleash all that piled up crap that you need to get off your chest. Also, you will never feel lonely if he does his job right. You know those long cold nights that you just ache for a warm touch? Yep! He will be there for those.

Now everything is a past and you have decided to leave the baggage, forget your past and move on in the life. Remember the things you could have improved or he could have done better in the past relationship and take cues from it. Whether you just started seeing someone new, or you two have been through it all, it never hurts to take a step back and check in to see how things are going every once in a while. Now that you previous relationship is a past and want to know how your next handsome hunk is going to look? For all those anxious minds, we have formulated a quiz. Just pour your heat out, give honest answers to these questions and we will surprise you with how your next boyfriend look.

The quiz heavily rely on your inputs. We need you to help us out to help you. Especially, we want to know how ell you knew you Ex. Was he always been a mystery, or you knew him well. Then again how much do you THINK you know? Was he a Good Boyfriend or could have been better as a person?


Quiz How Your Next Boyfriend Will Look

Quiz How Your Next Boyfriend Will Look?

Answer these 25 question. Be candid and honest and we may surprise you on revealing how your next Boyfriend will look. Are you ready ?

Fortunately, little games are there to relax... or make you even crazier 🙂

1 / 25

What type of shoes do you want your boyfriend to wear?



Question Image

2 / 25

Choose a pick-up line



Question Image

3 / 25

How do you want to spend New Year’s Day?



Question Image

4 / 25

What color hair do you like on your men?



Question Image

5 / 25

Pick a scent for your boyfriend to have



Question Image

6 / 25

What kind of guys do you always fall for?



Question Image

7 / 25

What’s your favorite sport to watch together?



Question Image

8 / 25

How do you want him to dress?



Question Image

9 / 25

Pick something sweet



Question Image

10 / 25

If someone asks you out on a date what would your first response be?



Question Image

11 / 25

What type of movies do you usually watch?



Question Image

12 / 25

What’s your favorite nail polish type?



Question Image

13 / 25

Pick something soft



Question Image

14 / 25

What length hair gets you hot and bothered?



Question Image

15 / 25

Your friends will describe you as...



Question Image

16 / 25

Which Disney prince do you like most?



Question Image

17 / 25

What kind of eater do you want him to be?



Question Image

18 / 25

Choose one thing you would want your boyfriend to have



Question Image

19 / 25

Where should your first date be?



Question Image

20 / 25

Describe yourself in two words…



Question Image

21 / 25

What are you hooked on?



Question Image

22 / 25

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Question Image

23 / 25

Pick something rough



Question Image

24 / 25

How would you like his facial hair?



Question Image

25 / 25

While on vacation, what do you get most excited about?



Question Image

How much you enjoyed this quiz.


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