Quiz for Disney Fans : Level 6


Quiz for Disney fans - Level 6

Princess or Knight!

Are you a real fan of Disney productions where everything is MAGICAL ! Do you think you know all the facts about Walt Disney, every production, princess and fairy tale? Do you love Disney ? the movies, theme parks, toys and characters. Take this quiz to see how much really you know about Disney.

Our Quiz for Disney fans will let you test your knowledge!

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Peach Bloat Gurgle and Bubbles are all characters in which animated movie?


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In what year did Disney release the film "The Aristocats""?"



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Mike Wazowski is a one-eyed character in which animated movie?


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Kingdom of the Sun was the original title of which Disney film?


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Who voices Scar in The Lion King?



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Which 2005 Disney film is set in the town of Oakey Oakes?


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In the Disney version of Robin Hood which animal plays Robin?


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What us the name of Mufasa's jealous younger brother in The Lion King?


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In 2009 what became the second animated film in history to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?


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Jim Hawkins is the leading character in which animated movie?



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