Quiz for Disney Fans : Level 3


Quiz for Disney fans - Level III

Princess or Knight!

Are you a real fan of Disney productions where everything is MAGICAL ! Do you think you know all the facts about Walt Disney, every production, princess and fairy tale? Do you love Disney ? the movies, theme parks, toys and characters. Take this quiz to see how much really you know about Disney.

Our Quiz for Disney fans will let you test your knowledge!

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Which animated movie is mainly set on Dixon Ranch?


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Bolt in the title of the 2008 movie was voiced by which actor?



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Who provided the voice for the character "Hopper " in A Bugs Life?


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What kind of fish is Marlin in "Finding Nemo"?




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What is the name of the Sultan's daughter in "Aladdin"?



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What is Cogsworth in the Disney film "Beauty and The Beast""?"


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The Lion king is loosely based on which Shakespeare play?


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In what year is the movie Wall-E set?



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What is the name of the town in which Chicken Little is set?


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Which famous actress voiced Jane in the 1999 Tarzan movie?



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