Pumpkin Shaped Carrot Yogurt Drops Encouraged Healthy Eating Habits In Young Picky Eater Sisters | Make Healthy Pumpkin Shaped Carrot Yogurt Drops This Halloween Trick Or Treat

Picky eaters are always a concern for vigilante parents.

Pumpkin shaped carrot yogurt drops offer the best diet supplement every parent need to include in their young kids diet.


Are you kids a picky eater. No matter how vigilent and good parents you are, your every attempt to provide your kids with healthy nutritious food is just not working. This is where mother’s recipe comes to help. This mom’s novel recipe of pumpkin shaped carrot yogurt drops not only solved the problem of adding healthy food supplement to her kids diet but also became the best Halloween trick or treat surprise.

This mother’s smart thinking has solved two problems at once. No more worry about her kids picky eating habits and best trick or treat for the Halloween night. Mom was happy to see her kids getting the best antioxidants and fiber filled food as carrot and the kids were happy too with the yummy pumpkin shaped yogurt drops.

Let’s deep dive into making the healthy and juicy carrot yogurt drops, just in time recipe for the Halloween.

Health Benefits Of Eating Carrots

As said before, this recipe is all about adding carrots that are rich with vitamin K1, fiber and potassium to the kids meal. And most importantly carrots are the best antioxidants too.

Carrot supplement to your food comes loaded with benefits. Most notable benefit of eating carrots are

  • Rich in Carotene which converts to Vitamin A during metabolism
  • Best supplement for healthy vision. Yes carrots keep your eyes and thus your vision. If you are worried about kids getting eye glasses, don’t forget to increase the carrot diet.
  • As per the study published in medical journal, carrots also help prevent or reduce the risk of lung cancer.
  • Eating carrots help reduce the weight and body fat.
  • Suffering from constipation, eat carrots. It’s natural remedy to boost metabolism and bring your bowel regularity.
  • Very rich in fiber
  • Carrots also reduce the heart problems
  • Lowers blood pressure.

Pumpkin Shaped Carrot Yogurt

The list is unending. Seeing these vast benefits, who doesn’t want their kids to eat carrots. Think it’s easy, think again. Kids are inborn picky eaters. They prefer candy over carrots. Unless you tend to be creative with your recipe, it’s not easy to add healthy supplements in your kids meal.


Pumpkin shaped carrots yogurt drops Recipe

This recipe is all about how this mother’s out of box thinking has encouraged healthy eating habits in her young daughters and just what you need for this Halloween.

Collecting necessary things for this recipe are easy. Let’s list down the things you will need

  • Carrots – long carrots are best but baby carrots will serve the same purpose.
  • Yogurt
  • Pumpkin Mold – it’s Halloween. What better can be than making something pumpkin looking and pumpkin shaped.


The steps are very simple and easy to follow.

Pumpkin Shaped Carrot Yogurt

Wash the carrots. No need to peel or shred. You can put the washed carrots in the blender and beat it. Add little water to make think paste of it. My Vitamix does every tough job for me. Whether small or big, easy or tough, the Vitamix.

Pumpkin Shaped Carrot Yogurt

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container comes with easily adjustable speed to achieve a variety of textures. The size and shape of the self-cleaning 64-ounce container is ideal for blending medium to large batches.

Vitamix is expensive compared to other brands but quality wise, so far there hasn’t been any other blender than can beat Vitamix. Just check the 3000+ rating and reviews at Amazon and you will see how many satisfied families have chosen Vitamix over other brands. This mixer is a keeper and so durable that you can pass it on to your next generation. Don’t forget to add protection plan to protect your investment from accidental damages.

Vitamix 5200 Best Blender In Market - Amazon


Vitamix 5200 Best Blender In Market - eBay


Vitamix A must Have Blender For Every Family

Pumpkin Shaped Carrot Yogurt

With Vitamix think of all these tasks now a cup of tea for you.

Vitamix can make


Chop fruits and veggies

Grind any hard food item

Blend best smoothie

Emulsify and beat to make butter from peanuts to Avocado.

Once carrot paste is formed, add some yogurt to it. Taste the mixture. For taste you can add sugar or sweetener, although not needed as carrots are already sweet, but we will leave it to you to make the best choice for your kids.

Pumpkin Shaped Carrot Yogurt

Clean the pumpkin shaped mold. You can find this mold at Amazon or eBay. Pour the yogurt and carrot mix together.

Refrigerate it and boom. The juicy, healthy and best Halloween treat yogurt drops are ready. I am sure the pickiest of picky eater kid would love these yogurt drops. Moreover, these home made yogurt drops very rich in Vitamin A.

Check out this mom’s novel recipe of pumpkin shaped carrot yogurt drops.


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