Presidential Debate Drinking Game A Fun Way To Enjoy This Election Years Debate With Friends And Family

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Drinking games are famous as they add extra zing to your party. Here is introducing a bread new drinking game – Presidential debate drinking game. You will have 3 opportunities to play this game this election year. Stock up and be ready to enjoy this very novel and only once in four year game.

Game Occasion

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

The presidential debates happen only during election year and a month prior actual election date which in general falls in the first week of November (or precisely speaking November 3rd). Depending on the political climate, the presidential debates are most viewed TV shows. According to Nielsen, an agency that keeps track of viewership a total 80 millions plus viewers watch these debates.

That shows the popularity of the 90 minute long debate TV show. If you too are planning to watch this years Presidential debate with your friends, why not to plan a drinking game. As the debate dates are fixed and declared well in advance, you will have ample time to plan and prepare for it. Invite the like minded friends who will enjoy the drinking game with you.

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Now that you have collected enough booze and chips, let’s move on how to play this game. Just like any other drinking game, there are tasks associated with some of the keywords.

President Trump

Drink when President says

  • Believe me
  • Hunter Biden
  • Tremendous
  • Beautiful People
  • Fake news
  • Smart
  • Sleepy Joe


Vice President Joe Biden

Drink when Biden says

  • Jack
  • Anything about his family
  • Obama
  • Anything about relationship of his opponent with women
  • Any direct or indirect mention of African American


If you are catching up with what’s going on these days, chances are these words may dominate the arguments and counter arguments been made by these two accomplished genteel. It automatically means, get ready to stock up as many wine bottles as possible as you are about to go wasted.

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Enjoy this once in four year phenomena and let us know how your drinking game turned out. Here is a quick trick to add flavors to your Vodka.

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Get a pack of Sunburst from Amazon or a grocery store near you.

Pour the Sunburst in your Vodka. Enjoy colorful and flavored Vodka this Presidential debate to amplify the fun of drinking games. Presidential debate drinking game a fun way to enjoy this election years debate with friends and family

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