Practicing Surgery And Medical Treatments On Fruits Young Girl Is Fulfilling Her Desire To Become A Doctor | Inspiring Story Of A Young Girl Pursuing To Become A Doctor

Very few pursue with their childhood dreams in selecting career path. Otherwise in most cases the childhood dreams are considered to be foolish.

Meet Emma who is practicing surgery and delicate medical treatments on fruits and veggies in pursuing her dream to become a doctor. Inspiring story of young girl will leave you in awe.


In our childhood, almost everyone wants to become an actor or firefighter. Few kids choose USPS delivery or even a doctor. But most of the time these childhood dreams vanishes as we grow. Very few examples show passionate desire about any particular profession starting from Childhood into adult age. Meet Emma who desperately wants to become a doctor and keeping herself up-kept by practicing surgery and medical treatments on veggies and fruits.

Practie makes man perfect

Any profession whether Pro sports or other, requires complete dedication and hardwork. Becoming scientist or doctor is not easy as it needs years and years of hardwork and lots of studies. Many students can’t take the burden of excessive studies and decide to drop out of college. Work hard and don’t compromise on your dream career. Emma’s case proves just this fact.


Practicing Surgery And Medical Treatment On Fruits

In her video Emma is shown practicing routine medical check-up or perform delicate surgeries on veggies and fruits.

While kids of her age finds fun in playing with beauty products or make-up, Emma is practicing performing delicate surgeries on fruits. Her medical set is equipped with real injections, syringes, surgical tools and much more.


The soft but steady hand when holds dissecting scissors, her skills will amaze you for sure. The theme is appropriate to her age where she draws faces and carefully carve them. Or pretend surgery where a big sized Zucchini is giving birth to baby zucchini.




A pumpkin has brain tumor. Knowing that brain is the most delicate part, Emma first induced comma into pumpkin. After making sure the pumpkin is ready for the surgery, carefully the brain was opened. Using surgical scissors the issues in the brain cells were fixed before stitching everything back. We hope that the pumpkin to feel better soon.

practicing surgery and medical

Whether it’s heart implant in red bell pepper to very complex neurological surgery on veggies, Emma has achieved admiration for her medical skills.

We wish Emma to continue pursuing her dream to become a doctor and won’t be surprised to hear that this little girl has one day become a successful renowned surgeon. This inspiring story of a young girl surely motivate others in pursuing with the career of their choice.

Watch Emma Practicing Surgery And Medical Treatment On Fruits


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