Practice Social Distancing Ad By Ohio Government Is Winning Hearts On Internet. Video Is Praised For Explaining Risks of COVID-19 Spread

Practice Social Distancing Ad By Ohio Government Is Winning Hearts On Internet. Video Is Praised For Explaining Risks of COVID-19 Spread. video ad produced by Ohio Dept of Health is admired by internet users from every corner of the world.

As it is increasingly known that Coronavirus can’t be defeated, our only defense is practice social distancing and this ad highlights this very important tool we have at disposal. The message is urging folks from USA and across the world to help flatten the curve.

Practice Social Distancing Ad

The message has been well received by Ohio states and USA residents who have viewed this video. As we speak this video has been viewed by 11 million users and counting.

Practice Social Distancing Ad

There are some opposition to the lockdown or restrictions on ourdoor gathering. Given that Easter Sunday is around the corner, many citizens including some known celebrities have voiced their opposition to social distancing and issued ominous warnings to the federal body. See Ammon Bundy vows to defy social distancing rules for Ester gathering. As the world is witnessing over 100,000 coronavirus deaths, there is growing awareness about this deadly virus and how it is important to stay at home and follow state issued guidelines.

When one Social media user posted irate message ‘We will not stay locked in our houses much longer!’

there were hundreds of replies urging the user to stay home and not to put everyone’s life at risk. You are not locked in. Yet. When China was not getting as much co-operation as they wanted, they started welding people into their apartments in #Wuhan. The lives of the many are more important than your individual desire to leave your house.

Another user said, “Cool. Just don’t go to the hospital when you get sick then”.

For those who don’t believe in Social distancing, here is an eye opener. New York, the Coronavirus epicenter of US has started burring or mass burring dead bodies in Syracuse.

Practice Social Distancing Ad

All the bodies buried at this secure site are of the deaths occurred from Coronavirus. The mass grave site can prove a stark reminder to all of us why social distancing or stay at home is important to curb the pandemic and help support the government’s efforts. Let’s stay protected and stop filling the body bags. We have to take our share in controlling this COVID19 pandemic so let’s do everything possible that we can to stop the spread.

Under the tagline ‘Social distancing works’, Watch this Practice Social Distancing Ad By Ohio Department of health here


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