Portable Stitching Machine Can Save Your Expensive Dresses Becoming Worthless After A Small Rip | Print Custom Message On Your Teenagers T-Shirt

A small rip sometimes can render your favorite dress worthless. Stitching service is expensive and sometimes it doesn’t make sense to stitch ripped dresses.

Change this situation by using portable magic stitch stitching machine and save your ripped jeans and dresses from becoming useless.


Accidents do happen. But when you find yourself ended up with a ripped dress, those memories stay long lasting one. Every time you want to use your favorite dress, that small rips hinders you from wearing it. There begins the search for tailor or stitch shop. But the astronomically high price tags makes you decide if its really worth saving the dress or simply throw it away. A solution to this problem can be found in the portable stitching machine that can save your dress and hundreds of dollars all for under $15.

Portable Stitching Machine At Amazon


Portable Stitching Machine At eBay

Small Rip Makes Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans Worthless

Portable Stitching Machine Can

Wearing ripped jeans can be a fashion but what if the rip occurs at tricky spot. Your favorite pair of jeans suddenly becomes useless, a junk in your wardrobe. But seeing that the stitching can cost more than the price of jeans, you are left with making a tough choice; throw your jeans away.

Portable Stitching Machine Can

Same goes to your favorite dress or wedding gown, a dress that has carried forward from many generations. When it comes to specialty dresses like one piece, a small rip can make your expensive dress completely worthless. If you attempt to stitch is using a thread and needle, the stitching marks can be easily seen thus diminishing value of your dress significantly. Don’t let these small accidents dampen your mood.

There is a completely DIY (Do It Yourself) solution available to stitch your ripped dresses at home. DIY sounds fun as it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Portable Stitching Machine At Amazon


Portable Stitching Machine At eBay

Portable Stitching Machine

Introducing Magic Stitch, a portable handheld machine that has been developed to solve complex stitching problems. Whether its your dress, or ripped pair of jeans or kids clothes, the portable magic stitch solution is the problem solver. This handheld unit easily fits in the palm of your hands, cordless sewing machine kit, can do repairs while wearing your clothes, create a hem without having to remove your pants, repair delicate fabrics like silk or sew through tough fabrics like denim.

Portable Stitching Machine Can

This is a must have in your home or while traveling. Whether you are just fixing a rip or hole in your clothes or want to invent something new, the magic stitch is always there to help you. The portable stitching machine can easily fix ripped clothes or even stitch a logo on the front. The technology so innovative that the stitch won’t be visible to normal eyes.

As a teenager, now you can craft your own fancy sewing designs and add custom flair to your T-shirt. Show off your creativity to your friends.

Complete mini sewing machine kit comes with three mini spools of thread but attach the included extension spindle and you can use larger spools in any color you want. Perfect for crafting, creating costumes and more, All these benefits for little under $15.

Checkout the limitless possibilities using the portable stitching machine that can save your dress and hundreds of dollars; all for under $15. A perfect DIY way to stitch clothes at home.



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