Portable Solar Panels roll them out when & where you need them

Portable Solar Panels roll them out when

Solar panels on the go, sounds pretty novel, right. A start-up has made roll-up solar panels a possibility. The solar panels come in a roll, literally in a roll. You can carry it anywhere you like. At the required location these panels can be rolled out. Once you want to move, the panel can be rolled back in and can carry with you. A very portable Solar Panels roll them out when & where you need them

Portable Solar Panels that roll out when & where you need them!

Companies are innovating, coming up with new ideas never heard before and most importantly something amazing that can make your life comfortable.

Imagine the use of these panels on a campsite. The RVs these days come with couple of roof top panels, however couple of solar panels hardly make a dent to your energy requirement. When you need to run your AC or use a small refrigerator, you need to find full energy source and that is where this Solar Pane roll comes handy. Imagine a 5KW to 8KW solar energy handy and can travel whenever you like.

Portable Solar Panels roll them out when

Farmers and ranchers living in remote areas where the energy grids are unavailable or even the stables and shed built in the farm are remote and too far from the main energy supply. These solar panels can come handy when you want you animals shed lighted or keep the fans blowing during hot summer.

Roll out and lay down these panels in the area exposed to the sun and near the place you want energy to be accessible. Roll then back in once your purpose is served.

A cool product by Amazing Minds…. Love it !

These possibly will be used as part of the Artemis space programme, on the moon to provide power for the astronauts and on Mars after 2030 when NASA plan to land on Mars, possibly at Mount Sharp where the rover was deployed nearby.

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