Polaroid camera Prints Awkward Pictures Of Woman In A Prank Gone Viral

Polaroid cameras are famous as instant camera where your picture will be printed right away.

This old fashioned camera prints awkward pictures of woman in a staged prank that has instantly gone viral.

After dot com bust, viral pranks and blogs have taken internet by storm. In this new found treasure of prank videos, many blogs and YouTube videos have raked in hefty profits due to huge viewership received. However, those days have long gone partially due to the fact that people come to realize not everything shown online is real and partially due to overdose of prank videos and blogs. Old is gold, so are the prank videos. Polaroid camera prints awkward pictures is another such case where a prank video have become instantly popular.

This prank is a classic example of staged prank. Staged prank means where the script is already written, characters know what role they will be playing and assets are ready to do their job. With this set-up the only missing but most important element is person entirely unknown of this set up and slowly fall into the trap.


This Polaroid Camera Always Prints Awkward Pictures

Polaroid camera prints awkward

Stage is ready with two characters, a good looking woman posing with her old husband. The purpose is to explicitly show that every man pays more attention to cleavage. In another terms, substance over values.

Polaroid camera prints awkward

A passerby was asked to take picture of husband and wife together using Polaroid camera. As soon as the picture was taken, a print pops out. But upon checking the print showing only woman’s chest, the person seem to be perplexed.

Polaroid camera prints awkward

Person after person, everyone tried to take picture were needed up with the mixed feeling of guilt and awkwardness.

Though it’s completely natural to pay more attention to woman’s chest than anything else, but when the camera catches it explicitly, the feeling was of a thief been caught red handed.

Polaroid camera prints awkward

The expressions seen on the faces of these otherwise innocent folks were simply priceless.

In one instance, an old man couldn’t resist but to recheck the explicit image of the woman again and again. That was truly the paramount of this Polaroid camera prank.

Already said enough, its better to watch and enjoy how the Polaroid camera Prints Awkward Pictures Of Woman In A Prank Gone Viral.



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