People Are Enjoying Their Activities Despite Stay At Home Restrictions And These Videos Will Prove It

Coronavirus forced quarantine may have cut many of you from the society but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the things.

Tennis over the Terrace And Practicing Swimming from Olympic videos will inspire you to be creative and stay happy.


People are enjoying their

People are enjoying their activities despite stay at home restrictions and these videos will prove it. The ongoing turmoil has forced many of us to stay home and work from home. When you are working from home, disconnected from the society, feeling depressed is quite natural. However this change in conditions should not force you from enjoying the activities.

As goes the famous saying “necessity is mother of creativity”. People from every part of the world are using creative ideas to bring the same fun as usual in their dull life.

As the news of Coronavirus broke, Italy was one of the worst affected country in terms of number of deaths and total number of population infected by COVID19. Their numbers however started looking small as the pandemic spread in US. The local government has instituted drastic measures such a complete lockdown and mandatory stay at home restrictions.

Initial days were in gloom and doom to digest this new changed life. However as days passed by, people became creative to find fun and enjoyment in other wise restricted schedule. Ideas such as singing the song in chorus from the balcony of your home or clapping in synchronization for the first reponders were born. These ideas kept the spirit of entire neighborhood high and helped pull many people out of falling into depression.

When one door closes, the other one opens up. But it depends on your mindset. If you are active on social media, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok are flooded with novel ideas to spend the time in best possible way. Many users are sharing tons of creative ways how to stay connected in the totally disconnected world.

In one example below, two friends can be seen practicing tennis on their rooftops. The rooftop tennis play has wowed many users. The original video posted under the title “Tennis at home” has received over 18 million views. Fortunately, we have obtained a copy of it and shared with our readers below.

Think long distance serving aces isn’t possible you have to watch these two amazing players spending a quality time together. There aren’t any volleys just serve and return.

People are enjoying their

The Olympics 2020 might be postponed but at least now we got rooftop tennis.

This in the Italian city of Liguria. Pretty amazing if you ask me. For all naysayers, this video may prove to be motivational. If you are encourage to do something similar, just leave the couch and get going. Just one of several ways to enjoy in the new world of social distancing.

People Are Enjoying Their Activities Despite Stay At Home Restrictions.


Practicing for Olympic at home

People are enjoying their

Tokyo Olympic 2021 has been deferred. We don’t know the new date yet but do you know what it takes to become a champion on Olympic. Unlimited strength, unlimited determination and working hard despite adverse conditions.

Earning medal in the world’s largest sport event is not cup of tea or a play of luck. Practice, practice and practice from your childhood with only one aim to excel in Olympics can make you the winner.

Again, the career lifespan of a sportsman is not many years and many sportsman end up in play one or maximum two Olympics. Again every new Olympic sees a new breed of sportsman making already tough race more difficult.

Russian Olympic swimmer Yulia Efimova doesn’t have a proper pool to practice in during lockdown. So she does “dry exercise” at home as somebody holds her feet.

People are enjoying their

Don’t even think about doing this at home. I don’t think I could do that even if I had my CHEST on the counter, I even hurt my back leaning over to watch this.

People are enjoying their

Pretty amazing and cool to see what those strokes are supposed to look like without water confusing it. I have never had any real clue what a proper butterfly stroke looks like.

People are enjoying their

This is one of the most unbelievable training video I’ve ever seen. Hope Yulia’s practice schedule will motivate you to leave the cough, ward of depression feelings and see how you can change your life for good.

People Are Enjoying Their Activities Despite Stay At Home Restrictions.

You have to admit, these are good free technique videos. For the backstroke something like a slender (and definitely stable) ironing board would be better i guess. For the missing water resistance: maybe some weighted wristband would help.

Impressive. But, other than strengthening her core and keeping her range of motion going, how much is this going to help? Doesn’t she need something to simulate the resistance of the water for this to be effective?

Well this is not all practice Yulia does. She is getting trained in her pool too. Practice in any form is afterall a practice. This is about perfecting technique, getting the neuromuscular sequence exactly right, exactly the same, every time. Extraordinarily valuable. (Note that if you watch closely, you’ll see a lot more variation in her butterfly than the others.

I am sure this will help her achieve a good core strength and impeccable technique on the crawls. Even the movement of her shoulders is fascinating.

In another video shared by Olympic swimmer @SvRouwendaal on how she is getting trained. Shows that you don’t need a big swimming pool. Isn’t this a great way to get in her training at home.

People are enjoying their

These are some good examples of how aspiring Olympic champions are practicing at home. Tokyo Olympics Preparation from home.

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