Orgasmic Disorder Test Anorgasmia Test

Despite ample sexual stimulation when one fails to reach the climate is a type of illness known as Anorgasmia.

Repeated failure of achieving organism may lead to strained relation with your partner. Orgasmic disorder test will evaluate if there are any related signs and symptoms in you.


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Orgasmic disorder is a type of illness where person suffering from it is unable to achieve the organism. Also known as anorgasmia, this disorder leads to absence of orgasm during an adequate sexual activity. The failure to reach the climax despite ample stimulation, intensity and duration.

Until recently, the inability of women to reach orgasm was seen as a deficiency in male to sexually satisfy her. The macho culture did not care to look at this problem in women or simply ignored it. As the society is becoming modern. the woman have voiced their rights to be an equal partner in mature relationship than becoming mere a medium of pleasure for their male partner.

Women suffering from anorgasmia ave experienced difficulty, pain and sometimes skin tearing when masturbating.

This disorder is observed in both men and women and as per DSM-5 guidelines, it has been classified as psychological illness.

What Causes Anorgasmia Disorder

Although the reasons may vary from person to person, the most commonly observed reasons are mainly mental and hormonal.

The psychological factors, such as stress, anguish and fear based on past experience have caused orgasmic disorder in many patients.

Your body plays important role too. The hormonal problems, diseases, injures, side effects of medication or consumption of a certain substance have resulted in many patients achieving the climax or orgasm.

In the old day, lot of patients who were first-generation immigrants, grandmothers who put family first and saw sex almost as their contractual household duty, and saw no reason to change that.

16 Symptoms of Orgasmic disorder/Anorgasmia

Orgasmic Disorder Test

We suggest to read the below listed 16 clinical criteria to know if you or someone you love is suffering from this illness.

  • Reduction or total lack of sexual desire
  • Lack of arousal during a sexual activity
  • Discomfort and pain during intercourse
  • Avoid situation leading to sexual interaction
  • Increase in anxiety with the thoughts of sex
  • Constant fear based on past experience
  • Making excuses to avoid sex
  • Depression and guilty feeling
  • Reduced sexual thoughts
  • Lack of sensations in genital areas during intercourse
  • Taking long time to arouse
  • Unable to turn on despite stimulation
  • Snub partner’s initiative to have sex
  • Unable to reach climax despite ample sexual stimulation
  • Failure to achieve erection in men
  • Lack of lubrication in genital area in women


Coronavirus (COVID19) Impact On Anorgasmia

Orgasmic Disorder Test

New data shows that COVID19 can cause permanent impotence and anorgasmia (loss of ability to have an orgasm) in younger people when combined with alcohol, ecstasy, or cannabis, due to ACE2 receptor interaction. The advisory board has encouraged the young population to stay home and protect yourself by following social distancing.


How Orgasmic Disorder/Anorgasmia Test Can Help

Orgasmic Disorder Test

The test consist of 20 quiz type questions to understand your experience, lifestyle changes if any, level of comfort and erotic fantasies. The questions are proposed based on DSM-5 guidelines to define orgasmic disorder. Based on your inputs, the result will determine if there are any clinical signs of this illness. This self assessment test can be used as a starting point incase you have concerns about your sexual life. The type of symptoms determine whether you are suffering from

  • Female Sexual arousal disorder (FSIAD)
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire
  • Orgasmic Disorder Anorgasmia

Should the results determine that you meet the diagnostic criteria for an Orgasmic disorder, we suggest to consult with your doctor immediately. Without treatment, someone with this disorder can have their social and emotional relationships affected.

Consult with a mental health professional for an evaluation and confirmation of the results, and an assessment of symptoms to confirm they are not associated with another problem or disorder, or if they are due to direct physiological effects from a substance (i.e., drugs or medication) or a medical illness. In this way, a professional will be able to provide you with the necessary tools to help you solve the problem.


Anorgasmia Cure And Treatment Options

Many underline mental issues leading to Anorgasmia disorder can be resolved with psychological treatment. A qualified sex therapist can propose possible treatment options that have benefited many patients in the past. Therapy often begins with sexual education sessions for the couple who are instructed in the sexual arousal mechanisms of the woman and, above all, they are shown the differences in the cycles of the male and female sexual response.

Many studies have been conducted to treat the female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The treatment options often include diagnosis of underline cause and treatment of various sexual health issues. With contributions from an international panel of experts, clinical recommendations are available for dealing with problems of sexual, desire, arousal, orgasm and pain. There are few FDA approved treatments available to treat the sexual dysfunction. Besides, many off-label treatments for FSDs are available at your local pharmacy store.

Your psychiatrist will

  • Help evaluate and distinguish the causes of sexual pain in women
  • Assist in the differentiation of the many forms of sexual pain
  • Implement multi-disciplinary treatments

With the 80% success rate to treating the primary cause and 70% success in curing anorgasmia in women is truly encouraging for the millions of women living in frustration of not being able to reach orgasm in their sex lives.

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