7 Hilarious Open Carry Firearm Meme Shows How Overzealous Display Of One’s Arsenal Gives Other Laughter

Open carry laws are applicable in many states with some states permitting it and some aren’t.

When people don’t use brain and use open carry as they wish, this situation create meme, jokes and laughter. Collection of open carry firearms meme that will make you rolling on the floor laughing


7 Hilarious open carry firearm meme shows how overzealous display of one’s arsenal gives other laughter. The open carry permit is useful to display your heat and may deter others from committing a crime. When this law is used in a practical way and by sensible person, it serves the purpose for which this law has been created.

But some people tend to be overzealous and interpret the law in some funny way, Results, memes are created giving you laugh, fun and burst into tears of joy. Here is the collection of open carry firearm memes.


And the Smallest Dxxk of 2020 Award goes to

Open Carry Firearm Meme

In the Walmart, there is Subway that serves footlong sandwiches. I am sure many of us have tested the footlong at Subway, may be coupled with soda and chips and even chocolate chip cookie. So far I was thinking going to subway is easy and safe, not now. Never knew Subway can be dangerous place that you have to carry your bazooka


Subway seems to be particularly dangerous

Open Carry Firearm Meme

Another subway but totally different one. Here we are talking about New York subway station. The one that runs underground and take thousands of commuters from places to places. Either he must have lost a tons on Wall-street, his entire life saving or tendering his prized possession for a subway ticket.

Highly trained military personnel are not allowed to walk around base carrying weapons in civies or uniform unless you’re on duty. Why is it allowed in certain cities is beyond me. Keep your weapons at home.

Commonly asked question who believe in open carry

Open Carry Firearm Meme

Another Open Carry Firearm Meme. Pharmacist now know what this breed of people like or what they are usually looking for. It says your outfit speaks out your background and your needs and now most of nation’s well known pharmacist now know what  someone dressed like him may want.

Is Pizza Hut delicious or Dangerous

Open Carry Firearm Meme

Have Pizza Hut started a new policy, shoot at what you want than verbally placing the pizza order.

Buying Oreo cookies, this grown up baby doesn’t know the use of open carry

Open Carry Firearm Meme

This meme is gem of all. This guy is buying Oreo cookies to dip in the milk after going home. Does he even know the situation in which open carry can be useful. Definitely not on a trip to buy cookies and show others what kind of grown up baby you are.

After seeing this nonsense, one user responded:


I am a United States certified firearms instructor and I have to say this is totally ridiculous. These people make serious and responsible gun owners blood crawl.


And the fun continues




When someone is really annoying, a normal hammer may not be sufficient

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