Only Muscles No Strength Man Could Not Open Water Bottle In The Middle Of MLB Game Caught On Camera

Only muscles no strength

Only Muscles No Strength Man Could Not Open Water Bottle In The Middle Of MLB Game Caught On Camera. The gym body on steroid is of no use. Steroids can only pump your muscles and give you macho looks. But is the use if you do not have strength even to open the water bottle.

The MLB game between New York Mets and Kansas City Royals going on. The pitcher is ready to pitch the ball. However the camera suddenly rests on a man wearing blue t-shirt trying to open a water bottle.

With arms so strong, fully ripped body and he couldn’t even open the cap of water bottle. The cameraman is surprised and couldn’t move the focus away. As the game continue, the cameraman was forced to shift its focus back on the game. An excellent pitch by NY Meys pitcher and good swing by Royals batter.

Only muscles no strength

After pitch again the camera rolls on to this guy (though he is wearing blue jersey, he not official part of Kansas City Royals team just a coincidence.) Thinking his hands may be slippery, he even tries to open the water bottle cap using his pant. But in vain, no success whatsoever.

The MLB live cast camera again focuses on the same guy. The struggle is still on. His fellow friends too understand where the camera is and what fun is going on. Realizing that this fiasco has been captured on the camera, the man hands the water bottle over to his friend and immediately turns back to the camera.

Only muscles no strength

His apparently frustrated wife sure gonna review these footage after going home. Hope this funny incident don’t ruin their marriage life. The stadium cameramen are trained to spot something as funny as like this that can entertain the full packed stadium and online audience. I am sure this side show must have entertained the MLB fans watching the game.

The video was instant hit as the NY Mets Vs KC Royals game was viewed by more than 10 million viewers. Then there is after game analysis and the analyst couldn’t help but laugh after viewing these footage.

Example of what body on steroid can do. When you have no strength, the pumped up muscles too are useless. I am still amazed to see how come this guy didn’t have strength to do the tasks that my 5 year old can comfortably do. If you have kids, by now you may know that starting kindergarten, the teachers won’t help the kids on how to open the lunch box or water or juice bottle. At that age, it is expected that the kids would know these things and should be able to do it independently.

After watching this video, I like to say comm..on… man!

Only Muscles No Strength

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