One User’s Perfect Quarantine Day 1 to Day 19 Schedule Will Motivate You To Follow Along

User has shown the expertise he has gained one per day from day 1 to 19.

Something positive and motivational to follow the same pattern.

One user's perfect quarantine

One user’s perfect quarantine day 1 to day 19 schedule will motivate you to follow along. In a video published on social media, this guy makes perfect slam dunks with whatever he does, whether it’s putting a CD in video player or placing waffle in toaster. This user has achieved perfection with almost everything he does through practice.

Moreover, all the activities shown from day 1 to day 19 are something that we do on daily basis. But the style by which he does those simple looking activities is quite impressive.

Day 1: Get expert in throwing the CD in the player from distance and enjoy your favorite movie

Day 2: Toss water bottle back in the refrigerator, only difference is you have to throw the bottle by sitting on the couch in the living area directly to the fridge

Day 3: Toss cookie from kitchen to land on your plate on the dining table. No bouncing but strait-up landing onto the place

Day 4: Need one more toast. No problem, just toss bread by sitting at the dining table into the toaster

Day 5: Let’s learn some bathroom tricks. Time to toss toothbrush from a distance into the toothbrush holder.

Day 6: It’s time for the bottle to come out of the refrigerator. Toss the bottle from kitchen to the living area, but make sure it lands in the cup holder of your couch

Day 7: Let’s enjoy some cool beer. How about Corona with the lime. Use gold ball to drop the lime in the beer and enjoy your sip

Day 8: learning to golf using putter but also trying to catch the ball in the same swing

Day 9: Toilet papers are out. Shoot the toilet paper from pantry directly to the toilet paper holder in the bathroom.

Day 10: Water ball trick, but now let the distance be longer. From stairs to the living room and so on.

I doubt if this all are achieved through his timing and near perfect throwing skills. Rather seems like Adobe Premier Pro or After Effect modifications.

Watch One user’s perfect quarantine day routine and let’s know if it’s purely the skills or software CGI modificiations.

Amazing slam dunk every time he throws things land perfectly in place.

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