Ohio State Buckeyes Football Band Cuts Michigan Wolverines Into Pieces Is A Video Treat To All NFL Fans Who Are Desperately Missing The Games

College football games have been watched as much as NFL. Many fans like the excitement with college football games as compared to the pro league.

The video of Ohio State Buckeyes football team’s band shredding Michigan Wolverines into pieces is treat to all collage football fans.


College football games are attracting attention and limelight by its uncanny and never seen game strategy and athletic boys and girls band. The band has long been the centerpiece attraction of any collage football games. Whether entertaining the audience before the game, during halftime break or even after game celebration, the band has always successfully contributed to the spirit of game. Ohio State Buckeyes football band cuts Michigan Wolverines into pieces is a video treat to all NFL fans who are desperately missing the games schedule.

When two arch rival meet for a game, the off field rivalry is what makes the news. The barbs, the props created by each team to show belittle to the other side become chatter of the town.

If you want to truly enjoy any pro-league (NFL) or college football game, you must arrange to live in the town atleast 2 days prior to actual game. The spirit, late night parties, quarrels and squabbles between opposite teams fans is what bring life to otherwise dull college towns. This also boost curiosity about who will win the game.


Collage Football Band

Ohio State Buckeyes Football

Just like pro-athlete, there is another group practice equally throughout the year. The cheerleaders and the band group. Band group and cheerleaders both belong to the same group with many teams.


Perfectly Orchestrated And Synchronized Move By Ohio State Buckeyes Football Band

Ohio State Buckeyes Football

The games between arch rivals Ohio State and Michigan State was exciting as usual. The fully packed stadium showed enthusiasm by the fans from both sides. But as the needle tilted in Ohio State’s favor, the college band has celebrated their team epic win in a unique way.

In a perfectly orchestrated move, the Ohio State Collage Band was seen forming a scissor. A scissor so big that it has occupied almost haf of the stadium. Then in the farther end was Michigan’s football logo awaiting the attack.

Fully synchronized, the band can seen marching towards Michigan Football team. The Ohio Scissor formation can be seen licking their chops before final attack.

Finally one big blow and Michigan Wolverines were shredded into pieces.

What an epic way to celebrate their team’s win in College football game. Until the Coronavirus lockdown is lifted, these beautiful memories will remind our NFL and football fans those glorious days when they use to throng into the stadium experiencing the game trill in person. Until then enjoy the video by¬†Ohio State Buckeyes Football Band


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