Octopus Walking On The Beach A Very Satisfying Video

Octopus are not considered to be harmful to humans but once in a while the deep sea divers may encounter with this unwanted creature. Many scuba divers have recorded close encounter with octopus which leech on your body and not easily let go. In a fine morning, a beach goer has captured an octopus walking on the shore. The video is rare as this deep water animals doesn’t always like to come to the shore.

Are Octopus Harmful To Humans

octopus walking on the

The answer is yes and no. In most cases the octopus won’t pose any direct harm to us, however, their tentacles can sometime cause serious injuries. The tentacles can grab and stick to our body and many deep ocean divers were left blind for a small period of time due to octopus covering their mask and not easily ready to go.

Some octopus can inject venom which can lead to paralyzing human body parts. Otherwise in most cases the octopus are considered to be harmless. After all, we humans are not their primary source of food.


octopus walking on the

In one case, a scuba diver found an octopus leeched on her leg. Despite multiple attempts, this creature was not ready to let go of her. Finally her colleague intervened and pulled the tentacles away and freed the woman from octopus. Watch this woman’s encounter with paparazzi octopus who was not ready to let go of her easily.


Octopus Walking On the Beach

In a fine morning, a beach goer found something very rare, a crawling octopus on the beach. Generally octopus are found on the deep water hiding behind dark cavities or sea rocks. Seeing octopus on the beach, the person immediately grabbed his camera and started recording.

The octopus seemed to take note of human presence around him and rather being shy and turning around, it can be seen marching towards the camera. The eyes of octopus were pointing to the camera.

Rare video like this can sometimes be oddly satisfying. Wake up America to the Octopus walk. And if you haven’t seen an octopus walking, this one is for you.


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