OCD Magical Thinking Test Is Your Religious Beliefs And Magical Thinking Resulting In Obsessive compulsive disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental illness often cited in people with excessive phobia of germs. Person suffering from OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) is grossly concerned about own and others safety.

Obsessive compulsive disorder of Magical Thinking leads to person believe that by acting in a specific way, they can alter or altogether prevent bad incidents occurring in the world. Take OCD magical thinking test to see if you show any signs of it.



OCD Magical Thinking Test

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Do you avoiding cracks on the sidewalk while walking?

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Do you have a lucky number and has the number proven lucky enough for you?

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Do you suppress the thoughts of bad incidents happened in the life?

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Do you avoid taking up important tasks on 13th day of each month?

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Do you touch items in a certain way and multiple times until you feel satisfied?

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Do you believe suppressing bad feelings can bring good spritis and good omen

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Do you repeat certain words to bring good omen and drive the evil spirit out?

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Are you afraid of RED color due to the fact that it's color of blood. Do you fear of buying red cloths?.

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Has your lucky color helped multiple times in your life?

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Do you do certain things in a specific way to avoid anything bad happening to you or family?

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Do you follow someone's action in reverse manner to reverse the curse of evil?

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Are you afraid of speaking certain words or phrases as they may change the tide of course?

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Do you follow rituals in a specific way to reduce chances of bad events occuing in your life?

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Should we all ignore the bad memories, rather think of good quotes and good thoughts to prevent negative consequences?

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Do you repeat certain rituals multiple times to make sure all bad incidents can be prevented?


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OCD Magical thinking test is your religious beliefs and magical thinking resulting in obsessive compulsive disorder. Certain style of childhood upbrining or living in a strong religious often lead to person’s Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) of magical thinking. OCD is a mental illness wherein person shows constant fear of germs and it’s effect on own health. The phobia of germs lead the person to perform certain activities multiple times in repetitive fashion until he or she is satisfied.

What is Magical thinking Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

OCD Magical Thinking Test

What is magical thinking OCD and what is causing it. Person with OCD of magical illness believe that certain rituals when performed in a specific manner can avoid catastrophic events in their life. Touching the things in a specific way can prevent any bad omen or bad incidents happening to them. Moreover, these rituals are performed repeatedly multiple times and until then the person with magical thinking OCD doesn’t feel safe. Many patients even believe that these rituals can change the tide of events in the physical world and their magical powers can protect us from calamities.

The obsession reaches to the level wherein person doesn’t feel satisfied until repeating certain behaviour multiple times. These people are obsessed with placing the things in a certain way to protect themselves and their family from contracting any diseases. Carrying the lucky number or lucky color is another way how these people believe in protecting them from bad events.

In this type of compulsive behaviour, if certain actions are not performed in specific way person with magical thinking OCD feel depressed and live under constant fear.

10 Signs and symptoms of Magical Thinking OCD

OCD Magical Thinking Test

The magical thinking OCD is result of religious thinking of one’e belief from childhood. Magical thinking OCD often leads the person to chant certain words, phrases constantly throughout day or when they are in trouble. If for any reason this person stops repeating certain words, they believe that this can make the matter more worst.

Below are 10 signs of Magical thinking OCD or Religious thinking OCD

  • Keeping bottle on the table in certain way
  • Follow someone’s foot steps in certain way
  • Walking in reverse manner to reverse the bad luck
  • Avoid taking major initiatives on certain days of the month (example 13 is unlucky number hence 13th day of month shall be avoided to start any good cause)
  • Always stick to their lucky color whether wearing the clothes, buying items or evening painting their house
  • Avoid red color since its color of blood
  • Avoid certain words which tend to bring bad behaviour
  • Never think bad or categorically ignore bad incidents happened in the life
  • Remembering good quotes or good thoughts will drive the bad spirit away and bring positive energy
  • Avoid crossing certain things. If you accidentally cross these things, walk backwards to reverse the course of destiny


How OCD Magical Thinking Test can help

OCD Magical Thinking Test

The quiz based questionnaire consist of prominent behaviour associated with magical thinking. Based on your inputs, we will check if there are any clinical signs of Obsessive compulsive disorder.

Should the results conclude that you are suffering from magical thinking OCD, we suggest that you consult a mental health professional so that he evaluates and confirms the questionnaire results; examines your medical history and the gravity and scope of the problem; and decides if you need treatment. This way, he may give you tools that will help you solve your problem.

Remember OCD is characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) and it’s a serious mental illness. Often these signs can’t be cured and person may have to live with it. However, the treatment options can help suppress the mood swings associated with Obsessive compulsive disorder.

Treatment options for Magical Thinking and Religious Thinking OCD

If the results indicate that are warning signs or suffering from magical thinking OCD, please consult with psychiatrist as seeing the patient face to face can help the medical professional to understand your background, nature of suffering to suggest a treatment plan. Often the treatment plans are combination of one or more below options

  • Cognitive Behavioral Test (CBT)
  • Talk therapy
  • Self group help
  • SSRIs to control the mood swings
  • Antidepressants that work best for anxiety and depression such as Welbutrin, Prozac have been suggested to patients suffering from OCD
  • Other drugs prescribed are Clomipramine or Venlafaxine


It is important that you understand the magical thinking OCD or religious thinking OCD is a mental illness. Remember to stick to you treatment plan and follow it strictly over longer period of time. Any medical treatment can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months before visible changes and results can be seen

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