Now you can get Gummy bear filled wine Tequila and Cognac

First it was the vaping who tried to lure every customer by making the overall experience good and acceptable. I believe, by adding much coveted and tasty flavors the vaping industry has made sure anyone who dislikes it mainly due to the smell, will not have any reason to say no. Taking the cue from this, Hannessy a French Cognac brand has decided to make its product widely acceptable. It’s a know fact that liquor of any brand or type taste very sour for those who haven’t tasted it.  To get this herd of new customers, Hennessy has introduced wine filled Gummy bears.

Novel isn’t it. Again this one is for beginners who doesn’t know how it taste like and want to try. An attempt to create a first time experience. Once you become an experienced drinkers, then taste doesn’t matter. Right?

People act like liquor is supposed to taste good, but that’s not the case. Just google it and you will come to know how the wine or liquor actually taste.

Hannessy has come up with this viral idea of making liquor filled or made from wine Gummy Bears. Whatever be the taste, it’s definitely better than my sadness or does it not taste good enough for anyone to come up with freaking Henny gummy bears.

Now you can get Gummy bear filled wine Tequila and Cognac

Looking yummy,  now the choice is your, either chew it or swallow.

From the experienced folks, here are few advice on how to improve the taste of any brand – if they mixed some agave and some other preferred flavors, it may become popular. But I am sure the drinker will argue that If I was drinking for taste, then why not drink the fruit punch and again it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination.

If you don’t like the taste of Hennessy you probably also don’t like onions or mushrooms, and chicken tenders are your go-to at any restaurant

Another brand and this time a Tequila tried making their liquid popular by introducing gummy bear filled wine. Want to see the gummy bear Tequila, check this out

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