No Gym No Massage Therapy 3 Home Based Simple Exercises To Relieve Your Lower Back Pain Permanently. At Home Exercises To Relieve From Back Pain Hip Pain And Muscle Aches

Medical DIY, albeit risky but are effective when followed properly. Exercises and tricks that can be followed at home have offered instant relief for many chronic pains.

Without going to gym and no money spent on massage therapy, 3 home based exercises can bring relief from your chronic back and hip pain.

No Gym No Massage


There is no magic bullet when it comes to treating back pain and spinal cord injuries. As the pain from aching lower back or hip can last for years, massage therapies by chiropractor or lumber support back brace were traditionally suggested to the patient. But with the emergence of Yoga and McKenzie exercises, you can now get the relief from the chronic back pain. No gym or massage therapy, just follow these effective home based 3 exercises to treat your lower back pain effectively.


Back Pain Hip Pain How Are They Developed

Unless you are involved in an accident, there is no direct reason that can result in back pain or spinal cord injuries. Often you posture, work site, nature of job and many other factors can contribute to developing back or hip pain. Construction workers or jobs involving lifting of heavy weights are prone to developing the back pain. Often the spinal cord injuries are developed as a result of fatigue from work place practices after several years.

Some patients have reported developing back pain after incorrectly twisting their body or fall from the sport activities. This type of pain is temporary and often heals automatically within certain period of time.

In both the cases, these 3 home based exercises have proven to be effective and offered quick relief.

No Gym No Massage Therapy


If you have twisted your muscle or seriously injured your back, it is better to avoid going to gym at all cost. The strenuous exercises can worsen your pain. Visiting Chiropractor for a therapy session is better. However, if your injury requires multiple therapy sessions, it can be costly given the astronomically rising medical plan cost. Most medical plans offer co-pay only after you meet your high deductibles. Thus a small back pain injury can cost you thousands of dollars in treatment.

If your injuries are severe, we suggest to consult with your doctor so they can assess severity of pain. Based on your medical history and background you doctor can recommend suitable treatment. Supplement your medical treatment with these 3 home based simple exercises and get relief from lower back pain permanently.


3 Home Based Simple Exercises For Back Pain, Hip Joints And Muscle Pain

These DIY (Do It Yourself) exercises specifically targets below listed area

  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Spinal Cord injuries
  • Muscle pain around abdomen

The exercises are simple and less strenuous and hence deemed to be safe from muscle tear or pull. As a result, we always recommend to begin with these 3 exercises and depending on how your body reacts, you can then decide on trying additional treatment options. Back pains need gentle treatment but if you attempt any stressful exercises to quickly relieve for the pain, there are high chances of worsening your pain.

Exercise 1

You will need either coffee table or chair. This stretching exercises work well on patients suffering from chronic lower back pain.

Put one leg on the chair. Bend it in and push it out with it. Now twist with it and count to 30 (30 seconds).

Repeat these steps on another leg.

For better results, repeat these steps at least 5 times per leg.


Exercise 2

No Gym No Massage

For exercise no. 2 all you need is a yoga mat. If you don’t have exercise mat, you can try these steps on carpet or any soft surface.

Hold the stomach tight and booty squeeze.

No Gym No Massage

Now move forward till you feel it in the front. Stay in this position (stretch) for 30 seconds to maximum 1 minute. Repeat these steps on your second leg. Now repeat these steps atleast 5 times a day on both legs.

No Gym No Massage

Simple, isn’t it. No gym or message but you will get similar or better results.

Exercise 3

This exercise target your upper back. It offers a way to stretch your upper back. You will need access to your door frame or a pole to perform this stretch.

Criss cross your hands and grab the door frame.

No Gym No Massage

Now sink down and back. Let upper back and shoulder blade come apart. Stay in this position for a maximum one minute. This stretch helps relieve you from the back pain arising from constantly sitting at desk or playing video games.

No Gym No Massage

All exercises are specifically targeted to treat back pain and hip pain. The combination of all 3 exercises will benefit in your fight against back pain and spinal cord injuries. If you find any exercise effective over other, increase frequency of the type of exercise that have proven beneficial.


Video Of Back Pain Relief Exercises

Sometimes, visual instructions work better than the typed one. Here is the video explanation from renowned doctor that you can follow. Make sure you strictly follow these instructions for better results. At any point, do not attempt to stress your body more than what you can take. If you find pain in following these instructions, we recommend to stop and break away from these steps. After few minutes of break, give a try and see if it works.

After 3 -4 days of practicing these exercises, your body will begin to adjust. For any reason, if you have any concerns, contact your health provider immediately.


DIY medical treatments or home based exercises are beneficial upto certain extent. In case of severe conditions, your doctor only can suggest proper treatment plans.

Benefit of these home based exercises often yield better results, save money and can be practiced at your convenience. No lengthy waits or schedule appointments. After experiencing noticeable improvement in your back pain, do not abruptly stop these exercises, Rater, slowly  reduce the frequency or the time spent on these exercises.

Our tip to your healing journey.

Other Home Based Treatment Gears And Tools For Back Pain

Because of the complexity of the back and abdomen, aches and pains can originate from any number of causes including strains, sprains, muscle spasms, and disc or arthritic conditions.

Back braces and supports can offer relief for many ailments and activities including:

  • Muscular weakness of the back/abdominal muscles.
  • Lumbar Orthosis, Sagittal Control.
  • Reduces load on intervertebral I disc (L1-L5).
  • Lifting activities.
  • Posture control.
  • Osteoarthritis/Arthritis.

No more gym or massage therapy but get the same relief by practicing these steps at home.

Adjustable Back Brace with Lumbar Pad

No Gym No Massage

This premium back brace helps relieve lower back pain from strains, sprains and muscle spasms. Double layer design allows for custom fit & adjustable compression to abdomen & lower back. Internal molded plastic component eliminates brace rolling or bunching.

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Posture Corrector Back Shoulder Brace Belt

No Gym No Massage

The posture corrector belt is useful in both men and women. Apart from treating chronic back pain, the brace belt also offers benefits such as increased focus and concentration, relief neck pain, increase energy and facilitate breathing.

The back posture correction brace belt therapy forces the shoulder to be extended fully. Thus provide upper back support and relieve back pain instantly.

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