Never Use Smartphone To Show Your Desired Hairstyle At The Salon | Real Example Of Expected Results Vs Delivered

Most of the time the actual results are crazy different than expectations and we have a real life example to prove that.

Why you should never use your smartphone to show what hairstyle you want but rely on traditional methods such as fashion magazine is explained in this video.

Never use smartphone to

Never use smartphone to show your desired hairstyle at the salon. With the rise of smartphones, gone are the days when we use to surf through the fashion magazine to decide on what dresses we want or what kind of hairstyle will suit. Now a days, you just search on social media and tons of options open up in front of your eyes.

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Traditional Way Of Choosing A Hairdo

If you are a millennial, you probably remember the old days when we use to sit in the beauty salon, drumming through tons of beauty and fashion magazines to see what hair styles are in trend. Looking at dresses the models were flaunting, will it match to my wardrobe. These fashion magazines were the vital source of choosing fashion and styles.

The Gen Z probably won’t even know how much these magazines and flyers were important back in old days. Ask your teenager or someone in their early 20s on what hairstyle they will like and in few seconds hundreds of Instagram or Facebook webpages loaded with current fashion and styles will be shown to you.


Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Use Your Smartphone To Show Your Desired Hairstyle

Never use smartphone to

Agree that the increasingly popular social media opens up trove of information to make wise decision. But ever thought some small and often overlooked features of your smartphone can bring unwanted fiasco.

Here is a classic example when this Gen Z man chose to pull a hairstyle from his smartphone and shown to the hairstylist. Results are hilarious and stark warning why not to use your smartphone.

The man has pulled video of desired hairstyle to show his hairstylist.

After watching the picture carefully, the hairstylist began working on his magic to mimic the same pattern.

Never use smartphone to

Once the haircut is over, the man in the video has put on his glasses to make sure the haircut was done correct and that is when he noticed a BIG MISTAKE.

Watch why you should never use smartphone to show a hairstyle at the salon


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