Never Forget To Check This Hidden Spot Before Buying Used Car | Hidden Spots Every Buyer Must Check To Know If The Car Was Fixed After Accident

Car buying is not easy and when it comes to buying a used car, you don’t want to end up in buying a lemon.

Carfax and DMV records offer some insight about car’s history, but as a buyer you should never forget to check this hidden spot before buying any used car.


More than half Americans buy used or pre-owned car. The market of used car is bigger than new cars in certain age group. Many adults have admitted that their first car was a used vehicle than brand new car. The main risk of buying a used car is whether the car is a lemon and involved in accident. If you too are thinking of buying pre-owned vehicle, never forget to check this hidden spot before committing to the purchase.

Major hurricane, floods or natural calamities are adding to the inventory of “lemon” and if you end up buying one, your money will be lost. Even car accidents play important role in the decision to sell the car. People often like to get rid of cars that are involved in accident. To maximize return on their investment, these cars are fixed and painted before sold in the market. Be wary of buying such car as accident significantly diminishes car’s market or resell value. Moreover, it is risky to ride in a car damaged due to accident as often some of the damages are not easily visible and can result in breaking the mechanism right in the middle of the freeway.


Risks Of Buying A Lemon Or Salvage Title

As per the law a car result of manufacturer’s defect or requires multiple repairs for the same issue is considered as ‘lemon”.  Even natural disasters such as flood or hurricane results in assigning salvage title to the car. The flood related damages are often more than the car value and in such case the insurance companies prefer to declare the car as total loss than fixing it.

Often the flooding can damage the engine or it’s delicate electrical system. Water damage can also impact mechanism of deploying air bags or other major car components. As a result the car incurs hidden and non-visible damages. The rust or mold can often leave the car in inhabitable condition with many main functions fully or partially compromised. It is highly risky to buy a flood damaged car as it can cause serious accidents and even death.

Apart from lemon, the car can carry a Salvage title. This is often result of severe accident where cost of fixing damages outweigh the value of car.

In California, a car is rendered as Lemon when there are

  • Two or more damages to the car that can result in death or serious injuries
  • Or 4 or more repairs been made for the same issue during first 18 months of car purchase

A salvage or lemon title means your car is worthless. Dealers and nationwide car chains such as True Car, Carvana or Autonation won’t buy cars with defective titles. As a result, the owners of such cars end up in selling their car in the private market. There are no strict laws or rules governing the private market and often the owners willfully omit to report facts about their car that can hamper the sale process.


Risks Of Buying Damaged car

When you are shopping for a used car, another challenge is to know if the car was involved in an accidents. Minor fender benders and accidents involving non-insured drivers are not reported to any agencies and hence won’t appear on Carfax. In such case the owner would cover up the damages by painting the car so you as a new buyer can’t make out the true condition of the car.

Often the damages to the car’s mechanism due to accident are not visible but can result in major breakdown after many years. As a buyer, you need to know every trick to understand the true health of the car you are buying to protect your investment. We will show you some hidden spots to check to know if the car you are buying was involved in an accident or whether there were bodily damages that owner has fixed and hidden from you to maximize the value of his car.


Never Forget To Check This Hidden Spot

Often buying used car from private party is risky as the seller has interest to receive maximum value on his investment. This greed can lead to the seller lying about the true condition of the car. But we want you to be a smart buyer and look for these hidden spots before making any purchase.

If you suspect that the owner of the car is willfully hiding previous accidents, here is a way to know it. Your complete guide of never forget to check the hidden spot before buying any used car.


3 Hidden Spots Will Tell If The Car Was Painted To Cover Up Accident Damages

never forget to check

When buying used car there are 3 primary spot that will reveal if the car has been in an accident. These secret hidden spots in pre-owned car is a key to know if this car was fixed after accident. New car buyer must read this secret before buying used or pre-owned car to save your investment else regret afterwords.

1. Hood 

Open the hood of the car. Inspect at edges, especially the area where the edges of hood sits on the body of the car. If the car is painted, this area will show tape line or visible color differences.

2. Doors

3. Trunk

Similar steps to follow when inspecting doors and trunk. Pay extra attention to the joints and area often hidden behind the door. If possible, carry a magnifying glass. For under $2 you can buy one from Amazon and better to keep it handy if required.

never forget to check

No matter how skilled the painting job is done, these hidden spots can’t be separated from the car to spray paint in a closed enclosure. As a result tape marks or visible color differences are left behind which can easily be noticed using naked eyes. If you spot any tape lines or color shade difference, be suspicious. Bring it to the attention of the car owner and chances are he will spill the beans.

This is the secret to know if the car was involved in accident. Video of Never Forget To Check This Hidden Spot Before Buying Used Car


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