Never bully a giant crane operator. He may be small not his crane.

Never bully a giant crane operator

In another series of “Funny and Hilarious video”, this video truly is a gem. A crane operator on his job accidentally brushes against a truck parked next to his crane. Seeing this crane operators mistake, both truck drivers shout at him. Soon a quarrel erupts where the truck owner can be seen banging the door of the crane. Never bully a giant crane operator. He may be small not his crane.

Naturally the crane was at fault but the truck drive escalates the situation unnecessarily. When you watch the whole video, there are many frames where your mind will think WTF.

Don’t know what was the true reason, whether scared of the truck drivers or in a fit of anger, the crane driver gives unexpected turn to this whole saga. The operator may be physically weaker as compared to both truck owners but the giant crane and its claws give uncontrollable power under his wings. Using this newfound power, the crane operator marches the claws towards the truck and just in few seconds crushes the whole truck.

Seeing the truck getting destroyed, the truck owners can be seen left dejected and lost total control.

Hearing the chaos, soon the foreman arrives at the scene. He too loses all his control seeing what;s going on between his crane and the truck.

Never bully a giant crane operator

The video is little older, but Old is Gold. In the end the crane operator makes sure to crush the truck into pieces and dumps all pieces in nearby trash bin.

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