Netflix New Reality Series With Prize Money $100,000 Too Hot Too Handle No kissing No Intimacy And No Touching For 10 Attractive Couples

Netflix New Reality Series

Netflix New Reality Series With Prize Money $100,000 Too Hot Too Handle No kissing No Intimacy And No Touching For 10 Attractive Couples. Netflix fans and for those who are tired of staying at home due to Coronavirus outbreak, here is a quick relief. Netflix has launched a new reality show Too Hot Too Handle. The backdrop, the location and most importantly the cast is so attractive, you will quickly fall in love with this show. Netflix New Reality Series With Prize Money $100,000 Too Hot Too Handle. Rules are strict as No kissing or No Intimacy And No Touching For 10 most attractive Couples.

Do you want to know what money can do, it can definitely make you act like a donkey. See if you can control your emotions, feelings and stay within the strict rules set by Netflix’s Blue.

What is the theme of this show

Netflix New Reality Series

The show is hosted on a very beautiful island, no less than paradise. With this young attractive couple, the paradise has got its Adam and Eve, not just one but a total 10. These young people get to enjoy a desert-island retreat, with the twist that they must forgo all sexual activity: no kissing, no touching, no intimate relations. If these attractive contestants break the rules, the prize fund is reduced from its starting point of $100,000. The catch is they will be exposed to the atmosphere where anyone would like to go nuts and haywire.

Finally, I have found the best lockdown show. Here’s the log line. Tell me how is this not a winner. With the tag line as ‘On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there’s a twist. To win $100,000 grand prize, they’ll have to give up on s–.

Netflix New Reality Series

In short, you can look but you can’t touch, you can feel but don’t show your desire. If you know the mind control and can steer well throughout this journey, you can take home a whopping $100,000 cash prize. Sounds absolutely relatable right now.

Why should you watch or Who should watch this show

Netflix New Reality Series

With the stay at home orders due to Coronavirus pandemic, you are feeling depressed, this series will not only help you to entertain but can sooth your mind showing that you are not alone in this suffering. Just look at this very attractive young couples and too restrictive rules they have to obey. Sometimes finding company in your grievances can blunt the acuteness of sufferings.

Netflix New Reality Series With Prize Money $100,000 Too Hot Too Handle. What better way to prove we are mindless beings who just can’t control ourselves when we see pretty people? As a refresher, if you have watched a very famous reality show Love Is Blind (Netflix’s earlier reality show based on similar theme) and you developed a taste for Netflix TV, this new Too Hot To Handle reality show is now out on Netflix.

Too hot to handle is such an absurd concept. I’m gonna binge watch it tonight. Too hot to handle’ is insane. I feel like I’m on another plane of existence. This show Too Hot to Handle is Love Island on meth, and not in a good way.

The surprise is that it also plays like an allegory for these terrible times, when one person’s disregard for the wellbeing of others can ruin things for everyone.

Our take based on what we saw so far

My take on this show, I love how messy this cast is but oh my. Harry is a genuine villain i can’t believe this. I also guess that Hayley & Francesca making out to purposely lose the group money? Hayley & Francesca were totally relaxed while the rest of the group are freaking out about losing another $3000.

And everytime someone breaks the rules Lana should show everyone video proof because Harry’s just lied through his teeth. It’s sad how quick they all jumped on board to believe Harry. He is the epitome of why women don’t come forward with their truth because no one‘s gonna believe them in the first place.

If the same trend counties, these people gonna leave the villa with $100. Netflix New Reality Series With Prize Money $100,000 Too Hot Too Handle.

Besides, I also doubt on Netflix’s ability to select proper cast. I’m not even sure how Bryce got casted on this show. I’m literally only still watching for David at this point. He’s a sweet baby angel who only deserves good things in life.

Netflix New Reality Series

Finally, watch this show as another thread of entertainment. Mind you, this show is very addictive and you will find yourself quickly immersed with the life of the show characters. Enjoy you time watching this new reality series.

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