Negroni Cocktail Using Smoked Rosemary Gives Feeling Of Brewing Witchdrink In High End Condominiums For The Lazy Afternoon

Found a wealthy husband and want to flaunt your wealth, there are many ways to show off with your money.

Watching this user’s Negroni Cocktail Using Smoked Rosemary gives you feeling of brewing witchdrink at home.



When it comes to brewing a cocktail at home, Negroni always find its way to the top of the list. Even when you order premix cocktails, you will not overlook Negroni. And this Negroni cocktail using smoked rosemary will definitely develop your curiosity and thirst. Derived from Italian dialect, this popular Italian cocktail is more famous in US than Europe. As story goes, it is believed that Italian Count Camillo Negroni has first invented to made this drink famous.

A mix of gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth is perfect brew for any occasion. Whether you are in high end parties or screening through cocktail menu at the bar, the combination guarantees worry free satisfaction.

Negroni Cocktail Using Smoked

Very few cocktails reveals what goes inside based on their names and Negroni is no different. Just by looking at its name, one can’t understand what this drink is. Whether it will satisfy your taste buds or leave unwanted taste in the tongue. Moreover, is it for men or women only drink.

But don’t worry as you go through the process and ingredients that go in brewing this cocktail, your curiosity soon will turn into appetite. Afterall what can go wrong when you mix Capari, sweet vermouth with Gin. A light touch of decorating orange peel gives perfect appearance to your glass. With the addition of smoked rosemary and ice cubes, Negroni is perfect drink to spend empty afternoon by staring into abyss.


Brewing Perfect Cocktail For High End Parties And Family Gathering

Negroni Cocktail Using Smoked

A drink rich in taste and full with lavish ingredients is needed for every family gathering or when you throw a lavish party. Even if you are running out of ideas of what to concoct to spend evening watching TV or gossiping with friends, think of Negroni.

A wealthy housewife decided to brew Negroni to sip from her luxuty downtown apartment. On a lazy afternoon, sitting in expensive paint house overlooking the entire downtown area, what else can be better than brewing your own cocktail.


To prepare smoked Rosemary Negroni Cocktail, you will need few items such as

  • Rosemary
  • Gin
  • Sweet Vermouth
  • Campari
  • Resemary Simple Syrup
  • Orange Peel and Rosemary Sprig for decoration.


Witchdrink Negroni Cocktail Using Smoked Rosemary

The preparation will give a feel of witchcraft or witchcocktail. Let’s begin the journey to preparing a heavenly drink. Torch rosemary using lightter. Capture the smoke in an empty glass. Let the glass stay over burning rosemary to capture all its aroma.

In a separate glass add 1oz Sweet Vermouth. Next is 1oz Campari followed by half ounce Rosemary simple syrup. Finally Sub bourbon for 1oz of gin and few ice cubes.

Negroni Cocktail Using Smoked

Stir the cocktail to mix all the ingredients. For more bitter taste, add herbs. This is where rosemary comes to play. Its unique taste and aroma elevates both taste and style of this drink to the next level.

Negroni Cocktail Using Smoked

Pour the cocktail in the rosemary smoked filled glass. Try it shaken or stirred over rocks.

Isn’t this a good way to enjoy your riches and wealth. Don’t stop at Negroni. Try other pre mix cocktails you can make at home or order from downtown restaurants.

Negroni Cocktail Using Smoked

Pornstar Martini
Espresso Martini
Bloody Mary
Old Fashioned
Long Island

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