Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test: Take This Assessment Quiz To Know If You Lack Empathy Towards Society

Narcissistic personality disorder is not common and only 1% world’s population is suffering from this illness.

However, vast majority of people show signs of narcissism one way or the other. Take this test to find out if you have Narcissistic personality disorder.



Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test

1 / 25

I feel arrogant because I deserve it.

2 / 25

When I am in romantic mood, I feel world is under my feet.

3 / 25

I know that I am good because everybody keeps telling me so

4 / 25

I really don't understand how people can oppose my ideas. I see a loss of opportunity for them

5 / 25

If it's wedding, I like to be the groom. Same way, in the funeral I like to be the one in the coffin

6 / 25

I feel happy after hurting others feelings.

7 / 25

When people compliment me, I feel happy, but there still is lot more to achieve.

8 / 25

I am always cautious before committing to anyone, rather delivering beyond one's expectations is a way to win the market

9 / 25

I am not meant to rule the world or even lead it

10 / 25

When ever I was caught red handed I behave childish, pretending that it's a trivial matter that simply can be ignored.

11 / 25

In the game of truth and dare, I dare to anything or accomplish any task.

12 / 25

You feel hurt if you are not treated as someone 'special' in the group or meetings.

13 / 25

If I rule the world, it would be a better place

14 / 25

I can usually talk my way out of anything

15 / 25

I can influence people easily, this is my natural talent

16 / 25

There is no need to be always truthful. Sometimes telling the truth can hurt your reputation

17 / 25

I can easily mix with the crowd, rather my uncanny attitude allows me to perfectly bend in

18 / 25

I sometimes feel unhappy with my work.

19 / 25

You saw a sick or sad person, can you literally put yourself in the person’s place and try to understand his situation.

20 / 25

Success and failure are part of life. I am not too concerned about success

21 / 25

I wish I were more assertive, sometimes it's the need of the time depending on the situation

22 / 25

Do you believe you can maintain healthy relationships with anyone?

23 / 25

People can easily be fooled especially by me. My talent is simply a God's gift.

24 / 25

You have posted something on social media and this post receives only dislikes. You feel irritataed and angry as this behaviour of society towards you is totally unacceptable

25 / 25

I find my ways to bend the situation in a way favorable to me. Also most of time I take advantage of others to achieve my own ends.


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Narcissistic personality disorder test. Take this assessment quiz to know if you lack empathy towards society. As per the data published, only one percent of overall population is suffering from this disorder. Another surprising fact is that this mental illness is common among men than women.

What is Narcissism

Narcissism is exaggerating achievements & abilities. Feeling of superiority and inflated sense of entitlement. Unimaginable obsession with  class & status that leads you to believing that others are envious. You are expecting constant praise & recognition for achievements are traits observed in person suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

The most wearying thing is the banal repetitiousness of a narcissistic person’s extremely limited array of repulsive responses to stimuli.

Should you diagnosed with Narcissistic personality disorder, seek help immediately.  Your health care provider will suggest treatment option and therapy to cure this illness. Make sure to stick to your treatment plan as much as possible for better results.

10 visible symptoms of Narcissistic personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder Test

Although the symptoms and sings vary from person to person, below listed top 10 symptoms were commonly observed with person suffering from this illness

  • Excessive need for admiration
  • Carelessness towards others feeling
  • Selective or toxic amnesia
  • Excessive emotions when a narcissist is hurt, otherwise callus when receive similar response from others
  • Unable to mix in the society
  • Feeling irritated on small issues
  • Unable to tolerate social media ignorance towards their ideas
  • Excessive confidence that they can rule the world or lead the way
  • Carelessness in committing any act
  • I am always good attitude
  • Always seeking special attention in the groups or at workplace

Remember, if you are suffering from this mental illness, it may leave long lasting impact on your life as it affects your ability to establish romantic relationship with your partner. And chances are your partner may leave you due to your oppressive behaviour and smug attitude.

I am scared of perfection. Perfect ones please stay away. Oh yes.. the ones with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Toxic Amnetia and relationship with Narcissism

Narcissistic personality disorder Test

Another quality of Narcissistic personality disorder is toxic amnesia or possessing selective memory. A narcissist person often tend to forget or pretend to forget hurtful behaviour or verbal abuse they have caused on others. It’s part of their gaslighting strategy which often leads to situations where a narcissist person will make you feel like you are overreacting and causing unnecessary commotion.

Is it an illness, a disorder or a choice that they behave that way?

They do know what is right and wrong and they do know they have treated you badly!

When you hear terms such as you don’t deserve me or no one likes you. Similarly at the workplace, it would have been a perfect chaos had I not involve myself or when you are at the receiving end of treatment by your seniors who often ignore your good work but immediately point out your mistakes, understand that the person you are dealing with a narcissist.

How Narcissistic personality disorder test can help

Narcissistic personality disorder Test

Understanding that you are suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder is always first step in finding the cure. Your ignorance to the problem may aggravate the situation and can become worst in a matter of time. The test is based on analysis from Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

As per Wikipedia, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMIVTR) is a publication for the classification of mental disorders using a common language and standard criteria. The test consist of 25 questions to understand your responses and reactions to most common situations. Based on your answers, the results will tell you if you meet criteria of diagnosis for a Narcissistic personality disorder.

Pathological lying is often a symptom of Personality Disorders or Sociopathy. This includes, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and/ or Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Next Steps and treatment options

Good news about this mental illness is that it can be cured. Treatment options include

  • Support groups
  • Psychiatric counselling
  • Marriage counselling
  • Family therapy
  • Self-help groups and talk therapy

Your psychiatrist will talk through the treatment options and therapy to follow when you show symptoms. Sometimes simply talking about your thoughts and feelings with a supportive person can often make you feel better. It sometimes even discover many unknown issues hidden deep inside your brain. It is important that you strictly follow your treatment plan for better results.


This is not a diagnostic instrument and is only to be used by you if you are 18 years or older. You agree that this application is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace a consultation with your doctor or a mental health professional.

This test should not be viewed as assured diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. If the test results show the signs of narcissism, we suggest to consult with the mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment of this personality disorder.

Remember, without in person interview by a certified psychiatrist, it is hard to determine your disorder. However, if you believe you are suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, we suggest that you consult a mental health professional so that he assesses and confirms the results of the questionnaire, examines your medical history and the gravity of your symptoms, and decides if you need treatment. This way, he may give you tools that will help you solve your problem.

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