Naive Drug Trafficker Kept His Narcotics Stock In A Bag Labelled “Bag Full Of Drugs”

Miami cops were surprised with a huge drug racket bust. Drug trafficking is common in this beach city of Sunshine Florida. The surprise however came in the form of a very naive drug trafficker who kept his stash in a bag and labelled it as “Bag Full of Drugs’, Don’t believe it, check out the image Miami Police has posted.

Naive Drug Trafficker Kept His Narcotics Stock In A Bag Labelled

It was a usual traffic stop made by state trooper when a car was speeding over the limit. The cop asked the driver to pull over the vehicle. After the routine “License and Registration please” check, the cop has noticed something unusual, 2 bags labelled “Bag Full of Drugs”. In any other state where drug trafficking is not so rampant, this would have gone unnoticed, but not in Miami. After seeing the bag labelled clearly, the cop immediately called upon the K-9 team. The K-9 squads dog immediately alerted the cops about the presence of contraband in the car. Guess what the K-9 teams dog squad can read too.

Police after opening the bag discovered a sizable stock of prohibited and illegal drugs. Wasn’t that Easy Peasy. The drug trafficker either was too naive to label the bag in a odd way or must have been suffering from amnesia and decided to label his stock correctly so he should not forget. Whatever be the case, the cops were happy to bust the smuggling racket. What would have just likely been a fine escalated after the troopers noticed that there was a bag inside the car labelled “Bag full of Drugs”.

So hilarious. It happens only in Florida.

Truth in advertising! or A plan so cunning it’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University…

Here is a suggestion to his professional mates, next time label the bag as “definitely not bag full of drugs” and try your luck, who knows you may become successful.

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