My Kid Completely Slept During Haircut. Totally Hilarious

My Kid Completely Slept During Haircut. Totally Hilarious

Kids do not like the haircut. Almost every kid I came across with hates haircut and want to grow long hair. Unless the hair becomes too long and parents force the kids for the haircut, young kids mostly avoid making a trip to the hair salon. For those unruly kids parents have to trick them either by promising a candy or seeing movie after the haircut. No matter what you tell the kid and how cool it will be to make some pizazz or crew cut or spikes, the kids won’t budge.

For my kid, I have to drive him to the salon when he was almost sleepy. Thinking that while in half sleep, his resistance will be very less, I decided to take him to the barbers shop. The trick though have worked and I got the results, but those moments at the salon were totally hilarious.

Watch how much fun it is to get a hair cut in sleep. Whether it was a fun or no, this kid will know once he is fully awake. If you have more tricks at your sleeve or have already tricked your kids into a haircut, share your stories to our readers.

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