Monkeys Are Smart Brainy And Intelligent | Monkey Is Carefully Peeling Banana Before Eating It

We have obtained videos which will prove the facts that monkeys are smart brainy and quite intelligent.

First story tells how a monkey carefully peeling the banana will leave you speechless. Another video where a baby monkey is using her brain to fool a bully is truly amazing.

Monkeys are smart brainy

Monkeys are smart brainy and intelligent. Let me break you a news that you do not want to hear. We the human are not only talented species on planet earth. Our ancestors who believed to be the monkeys too still carry the same level of smartness as we human do. The monkeys may not be using their brain to it’s full potential but to whatever extent they use it will truly amaze you.

Case Of Patient And Careful Monkey

Monkeys are smart brainy

This mother has received a banana for the lunch. But instead of eating the banana with its pill, she is carefully removing the it.

The real surprise comes when this mother monkey carefully removes even the skin lines of the banana just like we human. After patiently cleaning the banana and taking out every shred of the peel, now the banana is ready for eating. Ever wondered who may have taught these skills to the monkeys.

The secret lies in observation. Monkeys observe the human being for the eating habits, how to eat and what to eat. Memorize everything to apply it afterwords. This video shows how smart the monkeys are when it comes to using their brain at the proper time

Watch this video and you will also say that monkeys are smart brainy and intelligent.

Case of Smart And Intelligent Baby Monkey

How To Fool Monkey

No body likes the bullies and monkeys too are no exception. When the king monkey decided to be unruly and bully, a baby monkey has taught a lesson he will never forget.

As you can see the giant monkey has collected stash of peanuts and decided to enjoy all of it alone, other monkeys were left empty. When you don’t share, it means you don’t care! Such bully need to teach a tough lesson.


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