Mom And Dad Set Up Restaurant So Their Bored Kids Can Feel Dining In Restaurant During Quarantine

Mom And Dad Set Up

Mom And Dad Set Up Restaurant So Their Bored Kids Can Feel Dining In Restaurant During Quarantine. Quarantine days are tiring and taking toll on every member of your family. We are almost done with building family bond, spending Lot of time with family, and I mean a LOT. After trying all the possible ideas, still there is time left.

Kids are tired staying at home. No schools, no friends and hence no play date either.

How many times you can play the board games or watch TV. I am sure by now you have almost finished all pending shows on Netflix, YouTube and Disney Plus.

The stay at home orders are taking toll on mom’s too. There is no break from cooking or cleaning dishes. With everyone at home, we tend to feel more hungry than usual. Think something new, something outbox. So to break the usual boredom this mom and dad thought of a very unique idea.

Mom And Dad Set Up

Mom And Dad Set Up Restaurant, only difference is not actual one but at home. To get the actual restaurant like feeling, both parents played the role of chef and server. Staring from the ringing the doorbell and welcoming the brothers to their makeshift restaurant, serving the menu it was restaurant like feel. I am sure the kids had a fun time or change of feeling eating the food this time. This may have fulfilled their long time desire to go out and eat outside. Or just stay away from home.

Mom and dad set up restaurant for their bored kids so they can enjoy dining in a restaurant in quarantine

Posted by Fun and Entertainment on Thursday, April 16, 2020


Try this idea and see if this brings any positive change. If you don’t have children, I am sure your spouse must have been tired of daily cooking and cleaning and no break. Give her much deserved break. Use your imagination to, try something new to make your life pleasant with stay at home order in place.

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