Men Are Really Stupid And This Video Proves It. When Nasty Prank By Boyfriend Goes Horribly Wrong

Men Are Really Stupid

Do you feel that your boyfriend is stupid and sometimes can become unreasonable, well you are not alone. So far you knew that men are disloyal and may have seen this disloyal behaviour from your boyfriend or a husband cheating on your back but sometimes a man can behave very stupid too. Men Are Really Stupid And This Video Proves It.

As we all are forced to stay home and follow social distancing, basic things like manicure or pedicure are not possible. The salons are closed given that this business is deemed as non-essential. This offcourse is taking toll on many of us. Not only women but men too are finding it difficult to stay with grown beard or extra grown hair. However this is mere cosmetic and in some cases inconvenient. Taking the advantage of all the time we have, some people have tried trimming their hair at home.

The results however are not as expected as is the case with this gentleman. After ruining his hairstyle, he has come to know that hair trimming is not as easy as it appears.

Men Are Really Stupid

Or when your girlfriend is a hair stylist, her boyfriend has willingly offered his unconditional cooperation so she can try all the hairstyles and hairdo on him. The results are that he is now everyone and everything, starting from Leia, Amy Winehouse, 90s Prom and even George Washington.

Men Are Really Stupid

Coming back to our main topic, when you need your boyfriend to help you with hair styling or extend hand with daily make-up, it is frustrating to see that he can’t even help you with that. Rather than helping how will you feel if he acts stupid and weirdo. Something similar can be seen in this video. A prank using hair straightener has gone wrong and god forbid may have even left lifelong scar on his girlfriend’s face.

Men Are Really Stupid

Watch this video and this will prove that the men are stupid. Having stupid boyfriend as the person in this video can make your life miserable. If you feel your boyfriend is stupid, better change your choices and find a sensible person as life partner, else sometimes some mistakes can leave lifelong unforgettable scars.


Just for your awareness, according to researchers, 365°F is what you want your flat iron to be. That temperature allows the most styling benefits in the fewest strokes, helping hair retain moisture and easily sealing the cuticle. 365°F is too too hot. Imagine what must have happen to the poor woman seen in this video. Sometimes a silly prank as in this video when go horribly wrong can result in irreparable damages. Check out the hair straightener’s specification at Amazon.

Take the cue from this video and make wise decisions in your life. For all the men out there, think twice before pulling nasty pranks like this. Your crave for cheap publicity can harm your loved one, the person who trust you more than their life.

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