Memes Raiders Decided To Add Hotel Next To Stadium In Las Vegas

Memes Raiders Decided To Add Hotel Next To Stadium In Las Vegas

Raiders announce plans to add hotel directly next to new stadium in Las Vegas. All NFL fans now know that Raiders have decided to officially move to Las Vegas and soon after theĀ Allegiant Stadium is been built, they will become Las Vegas Raiders.

For those who are unaware of this development, take a breath as the new NFL stadium been built in Las Vegas is the most expensive and state of Art stadium. Here is how it will actually look once completed.

Amazing facts about this stadium :

  • 2 Billion dollars will be spent (I can’t even count the number of zeros)
  • Raiders already signed contract with Cox to provide Highest speed internet inside the stadium (Yes, you read it right, gone are the days of high speed as Cox is developing Gigabite speed to the Raiders Patrons
  • Cox also will provide services to the Raiders headquarters and practice facility in Henderson, a few miles south of the stadium.
  • 65,000 seats. When the stadium is full, entire Vegas will be come empty

Just one catch here, SoFI stadium (another stadium under construction), once completed will become the world’s most expensive facility. Why ? the price tag on this Oakland stadium is 5 Billion dollars. Not sure from where they shovel this kind of money and funnel into the stadiums. But hey, some guys have truck load of money which I don’t

Anyway, we don’t care about the facts, let’s jump to some funny memes about this Raiders Las Vegas Stadium


Raiders will build hotel next to the stadium.

Memes Raiders Decided To Add Hotel Next To Stadium In Las Vegas

Raiders are building the stadium next to a GIANT L (Raiders are Los Angeles and now going to become Las Vegas Raiders : Both “L”)

The internet has noticed that just one black away from the stadium sits a shopping center in the shape of an L, apparent from any overhead view.






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